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Find Your Next Home in Sun Valley

Sun Valley realty is a popular item on the real estate market today. Homes in Sun Valley are beautiful, spacious, and have access to some of the finest recreation in the world. As you search for your next home, take time to find out why people love Sun Valley realty and whether or not a home in this beautiful town is right for you. Here are just a few qualities that make Sun Valley such a great place to live.

Convenient Location

Sun Valley is located in south central Idaho, less than 90 miles north of Twin Falls. It is nestled in the Wood River Valley, in between several of Idaho’s most beautiful parks; Craters of the Moon, which is a unique region covered in lava rock, Sawtooth National Forest, which incorporates beautiful glacial mountains and lakes, and the Frank Church Wilderness Reserve. It is 160 miles away from the well known state capital, Boise. This makes Sun Valley realty especially valuable, since the town has access to excellent outdoor recreation and is relatively close to some of Idaho’s larger metropolitan areas.

Beautiful Homes

Homes in Sun Valley are not your typical copy and paste suburban neighborhood houses. Sun Valley realty is about individuality. Each home or apartment in and around this town is specially designed to contribute to Sun Valley’s unique style. These luxurious and cozy homes have a wide variety of idiosyncratic, but very classy, attributes, including exposed hardwood rafters, kitchens with fridge cover panels that blend into the wall, and a taste of the woodsy Idaho lodge style. Whatever you are looking for in your home, you can find it in Sun Valley realty.

Great Recreation

Sun Valley is world famous for its outdoor recreation. Two major ski mountains are located literally less than five minutes from downtown Sun Valley. These mountains are equipped with chair lifts, ski runs for athletes of all skill levels, and cozy lodges that will make your ski or snowboard experience unforgettable. Hot tubs, spas, and saunas located in the lodges at the bases of these ski mountains will warm you up and relax your tired muscles after a thrilling day on the slopes. Breakfast and lunch are also served to all visitors, whether or not they actually ski.

In addition to fantastic skiing, those who invest in Sun Valley realty have year round access to other forms of outdoor recreation. In the winter, avid fishers can enjoy ice fishing on Magic Reservoir, Stanley Lake, and other lakes in the surrounding area. These lakes, and rivers in the region, are also open during the summer months for fishing, boating, and whitewater rafting. Sun Valley also has access to more than one hundred miles of hiking and biking trails where you can explore the quiet, untouched tracts of land in the Wood River Valley. You can also hunt, camp, and backpack in the beautiful regions around Sun Valley.

Beautiful Parks

If the wild outdoors is not the best option for you, you can find outdoor fun within the town of Sun Valley. You can find a myriad of golf clubs and courses spread across the city. These include the Elkhorn Golf Club, the Sun Valley Golf Course, the Bigwood Golf Course, and many other parks where you can explore and expand your swinging skills. With about 250 days of sunshine every year, your experience under the blue skies of Sun Valley is irreplaceable.

Close Community

The community in Sun Valley is energetic and welcoming. With annual events ranging from health awareness to music performance, this town keeps the fun coming. If you are into fitness and health, join residents and visitors of Sun Valley for the Sun Valley Half Marathon and the Ride Sun Valley Bike Festival. These events are open to anyone capable, and willing, to participate in these extraordinary events. For those of you who delight in art and music, check out the Sun Valley Summer Symphony, the Sun Valley Writers’ Conference, the Music and Arts Showcase Sun Valley, and many more arts festivals that feature workshops, performances, and studios with arts professionals from across the world. When you choose to invest in Sun Valley realty, you get to participate in a rich and vibrant community of friends, visitors, and artisans.

As you search for your next home, consider Sun Valley realty in your buying options. Sun Valley is a beautiful town surrounded by unsurpassed natural features, full of great parks and entertainment, and sparkling with events that bring this luxurious community together. Talk to one of our agents about getting started on your search for the perfect Sun Valley home.