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Sun Valley Properties

Sun Valley is a resort town located in south central Idaho, in the Wood River Valley. This small town has a permanent population of just under 1,500 people. But do not let the low population fool you into thinking that nothing happens there, in fact, it is quite the opposite of quiet. This town, although small, guarantees an energetic lifestyle. Keep reading to find out why you should consider Sun Valley properties in your search for your next real estate investment.

Fantastic Recreation

Sun Valley is one of the most popular recreation destination in the United States. This is because, in addition to a number of luxurious resorts, Sun Valley is close to some of Idaho’s finest, and most beautiful, outdoor landscapes. This includes the Sawtooth National Forest and the Frank Church Wilderness Preserve, where you are welcome to camp, hunt, hike, and fish. Take your tents and granola bars to the glacial Redfish Lake and hike to the top of the stunning Sawtooth Mountains. Be prepared to run into mule deer, jackrabbits, and a range of wildlife as you traverse the secluded mountain wilderness.

If you like more active outdoor recreation, try your skills on Sun Valley’s bike trails. These well planned trails extend into the quiet backcountry of the Wood River region. With hundreds of miles of single track routes for you to explore, your investment in Sun Valley properties is an investment in an endless biking utopia. In addition to unpaved routes, Sun Valley is connected to the surrounding cities by more than 30 miles of paved bike paths. Numerous bike shops, trails, paths, and visiting cyclists make Sun Valley a great place for the avid cyclist. The town itself is also incredibly biker friendly and rates among the best biking towns as rated by

If you would rather not ride a bike, give boating a shot. Sun Valley is home to several raft companies that will take you on a wild adventure down the middle fork of the Salmon River. You have the option to choose whether to brave the Salmon’s class four and five rapids or to spend an afternoon getting to know the river’s gentler side. There are also lakes close to Sun Valley properties. Pull your boat out from the garage and give it a spin on Stanley Lake or the nearby Magic Reservoir. These lakes and rivers are also open for fishing during the summer months, and the lakes are open for ice fishing during the winter.

Sun Valley is most revered for the world class skiing in the area. Take your family for a day of skiing or snowboarding on Dollar Mountain or try out your advanced skills on the challenging Bald Mountain. Plentiful snowfall and low wind speed make skiing on these beautiful mountains a prime pastime for Sun Valley residents and visitors.

Energetic Community

Sun Valley also has a lively community life comparable to that of Idaho’s larger metropolitan areas. Arts, shopping, and dining are first class in this resort town. During the summer, take your family or friends, or both, for a picnic at the Sun Valley Pavilion while you listen to a composition by Beethoven performed by the Sun Valley Summer Symphony. Tour the Sun Valley Center for the Arts to see artwork from across the globe and learn the history of Sun Valley. Grab your wallet and shop in Sun Valley’s locally owned specialty clothing, food, and outdoor recreation equipment. Then have dinner at one of the resorts, lodges, or restaurants in the area.

Events in Sun Valley are a year round favorite of owners of Sun Valley properties and visitors alike. These include the Sun Valley Half Marathon, the Mardi Gras-like Music and Arts Showcase Sun Valley celebration, the Sun Valley Harvest Festival, and many more events that bring the community together to celebrate everything from traditional shepherding to contemporary literature. As a resident of Sun Valley, you get to enjoy and participate in a wide range of incomparable cultural celebrations.

In your search for your next real estate investment, consider Sun Valley properties as a top priority. This beautiful resort town provides its residents with exceptional outdoor recreation, scenic big sky country, energetic culture, and close community. This small town is a uniquely pleasant place to live. Talk to one of our agents if one of our Sun Valley properties catches your eye, and we will do what it takes to make your dream a reality.