Sun Valley Idaho Real Estate

Rolling hills glow gold in the early summer sunshine. A flicker of movement catches your eye, and you can just see a small herd of whitetail deer picking their way through the dewy slopes. Down below you rests a small, quaint gathering of towns, connected by a winding highway dotted with cars that look like multi-colored beetles scuttling along the road. Beyond them, the mountains rise up and fade into the distance. It is morning in Sun Valley Idaho, your new home.

Sun Valley is one of many beautiful Idaho resort towns that is a popular tourist destination. The scenic landscape, excellent skiing, outdoor recreation, and entertainment make the area a great weekend getaway. But what if you want more than a weekend in Sun Valley? What if you want to spend years in this hospitable town? You are in luck, because Sun Valley real estate is available to you.


Although Sun Valley is primarily tourist centered, there are many year round residents who enjoy first class recreation and entertainment. This includes skiing and snowboarding on Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain. These mountains are not particularly tall, but have excellent runs for skiers of all ages and abilities. Biking and hiking trails in the area include 30 miles of paved paths connecting different parts of the valley and hundreds of miles of backcountry trails. If you like water sports, try out the Sawtooth Adventure Paddling Company, where you can give stand up river paddling a shot. Join the Idaho River Journeys Company to raft or kayak on the Salmon River. These and many more companies can hook you up for an afternoon, or even week, of whitewater adventure. These are just a few examples of the numerous outdoor recreation programs and opportunities available to you when you choose Sun Valley real estate. Whether you enjoy fishing, hiking, biking, swimming, horseback riding, or just kicking back in the summer sunshine, Sun Valley is the right place for you.

In addition to sports entertainment, people who invest in Sun Valley real estate have access to fine arts. Professional musicians from all over the world spend their summers doing workshops and studio classes for young artists and performing in the Sun Valley Summer Symphony program. They perform in the Sun Valley Pavilion, which is an open air stage where listeners can either sit in regular seats or have a picnic in the green just behind the seats. Art galleries in the valley include the Boulder Mountain Clay and Art Gallery, the Friesen Gallery, the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Sporting Dog Photography, and many more galleries featuring works by local, national, and international artists.


Public schools in the town of Sun Valley are a part of the Blaine County School District, which has its headquarters in Hailey Idaho. This small community school district keeps students, teachers, staff, and administration close. Small class sizes provide students with personalized education. The district even supports weekly Student of the Week Spotlights for students with outstanding achievements. When you choose Sun Valley real estate, you also choose education for your children, if you have them, that encourages and rewards hard work, humanitarian service, and goal setting. Their Gifted and Talented program (GATE) also helps identify exceptional students and offers them rigorous coursework at a young age.


Shopping in Sun Valley is a truly unique experience, since most of the boutiques, grocery stores, and shopping centers are locally owned and operated. This means that when you purchase goods in Sun Valley, you help improve your local economy. These shops include Paula’s Dress Shop, Isadora, Country Cousin, The Wildflower, and other cheerful, community oriented businesses. In addition to clothing and grocery stores, candy shops, toy stores, and other fun places make living in Sun Valley year round fun.

As you search our website for your next home, consider Sun Valley real estate as one of your options. Life in Sun Valley is luxurious, energetic, and all around enriching. With outdoor and indoor recreation, student centered education, and fantastic shopping in locally owned businesses, Sun Valley real estate may just be the best investment of your life. Feel free to browse our listings for a house that fits your needs and talk to one of our agents for more information about your next home purchase.