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Sun Valley Idaho Homes for Sale

During the course of your search for a new home take a look at Sun Valley Idaho homes for sale. Not only are these homes typically well designed and luxurious, but they also have access to all of the amenities provided by Sun Valley and the surrounding area. Keep reading to find out more about this great town and the opportunities you will have as an investor in Sun Valley Idaho homes for sale.


If you crave a bit of peace and quiet but do not want to sacrifice participation in an energetic community, Sun Valley is the place for you. This small town is located in a relatively secluded portion of south central Idaho. It is in Blaine County and holds the position as one of four towns in the Wood River Valley. The region surrounding the Wood River Valley is taken up by several national parks, including the Sawtooth National Forest, the Frank Church Wilderness Preserve, and Craters of the Moon National Park. These three preserves are among Idaho’s most prized features; the Frank Church Wilderness is the second largest preserve in the nation. Sun Valley is also located midway between Pocatello and Boise, and is essentially perpendicular to Twin Falls. This location gives Sun Valley residents access to Idaho’s major metropolitan areas and all of the amenities associated with them.

Outdoor Recreation

Sun Valley is best known for the fantastic outdoor recreation in and around town. Sun Valley Idaho homes for sale are among the most valuable in the state for the simple fact that they have unique access to some of Idaho’s finest outdoor recreation. The area is most famous for its two ski mountains, Dollar and Bald. This is because the Wood River Valley receives an average annual snowfall of 200 inches and is essentially windproof. Dollar Mountain, literally in the lap of downtown Sun Valley, is great for beginning skiers. This easy going mountain offers training in basic and intermediate skills. To test your limits, drive out past the neighboring town of Ketchum and take a ride on Bald Mountain. It also has beginning runs, but has a greater percentage of intermediate and advanced routes.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Sun Valley is one of the most biker friendly towns in the state. Cyclists who live in or visit the area get to enjoy many bike shops and rental programs sponsored by businesses in Sun Valley and the neighboring towns. If you like road biking, take a ride along the 33 mile, paved Big Wood Trail. This path runs from Bellevue to Sun Valley, giving you an alternative form of transportation between the towns without running the risk of riding on the highway. You are also welcome to use it for the simple pleasure of a bike ride. If you prefer mountain and trail riding, Sun Valley has you covered. With more than 700 miles of backwoods trails, you have years of guaranteed biking entertainment. You can also take your bike to the top of Bald Mountain on a ski lift during the summer and ride its technical trails the 3400 vertical feet to the base.

If skiing and biking are not your forte, do not dismay. Sun Valley also has resources for hiking, horseback riding, snowmobiling, hunting, boating, golfing, rafting, and just about any other outdoor activity under the sun. When you invest in Sun Valley Idaho homes for sale, you invest in nearly limitless outdoor adventure.


In addition to great outdoor recreation, Sun Valley is a central location for the arts. It is home to several galleries featuring artists from around the world and numerous program promoting and teaching basic to advanced skills. The Sun Valley Pavilion, essentially a large and luxurious outdoor amphitheater, is the venue for several phenomenal performances every year. These include classical music concerts by the Sun Valley Summer Symphony, pop culture concerts by visiting artists, and many more exciting performances. You can also attend plays at the Opera House and experience theater performances by the local Company of Fools. Whatever your fine arts favorite, you can find it when you invest in Sun Valley Idaho homes for sale.


The Sun Valley community is incredibly energetic, despite its small size. The residents and visitors of the area love to participate in local events celebrating history, athletics, art, and culture. These events include the Trailing of the Sheep Festival, which celebrates Sun Valley’s history of shepherding, the Sun Valley Half Marathon, a challenge for you running enthusiasts, and the Northern Rockies Music Festival, two day jam packed with musical performances. This historic town is a great place to enjoy a community party or two or ten throughout the year.

These are just a few of the many benefits you will experience when you choose from one of our Sun Valley Idaho homes for sale. This great town is a utopia for outdoor enthusiasts, arts appreciators, and anyone who loves a strong, energetic community. Browse our listings for a home that suits your needs and talk to one of our agents about getting started.