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boise-depot-11_400The numbers of “short sale” Boise properties are increasing, offering you an option to clinch a great deal. While a short sale offers you an avenue to buy a property at an amazing price, it is fraught with risks. Before you sign that purchase agreement, consider the following issues:

Is there More than one Lender with interest on the Property?
If the property is charged to more than one lender, the whole home-buying process will be more complicated. This is because all parties must agree to the conditions and terms laid down in the short sale. Normally, the second lender will want to profit from the proceedings of the transaction. This is addressed by the first lender who will pay a token to get this second lender to agree. The seller of the home will be required by the lender to sign a promissory note or an agreement to pay the difference resulting from the amount owed and the proceeds from the disposal of this property. If the parties involved fail to agree, the whole process may be hampered; hence setting into motion the foreclosure process. However, the second lender can shield his losses by serving the seller with a deficiency judgment.

The Previous Experience of the Agent with regard to Short Sales
It is hard to carry out a short sale even in the best of situations. This process is demanding and therefore you should check whether the persons assisting in the transactions have the necessary experience. If the real estate agent assisting the seller to dispose the property doesn’t have past experience dealing in short sales, they may not have an idea of where to start. For example, they may not be familiar with the procedures of making the bank approve the short sale.

The Bankruptcy Position of the Seller
If the seller files for bankruptcy, the whole short sale transaction will be put on hold pending the outcome of the court decision on the bankruptcy. This process can sometimes drag on for months and sometimes take a year to finish. The court may attach the property, or even lead to a foreclosure. The best thing to do as a buyer is to ask the seller whether he is considering filing for bankruptcy. If he states that his intention is to do so, look elsewhere.

File Documents with the Lender
Once you have agreed with the seller to purchase the property, submit your offer to the lender for approval. Until the lender agrees, you don’t have a deal. At the same time, furnish the lender with a copy of your deposit. Don’t be surprised to receive a request from the lender asking you to increase the earnest money deposit.



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