Ski Lodge in Sun Valley

Real Estate in Sun Valley Idaho

In your search for the best home for you, take into consideration real estate in Sun Valley Idaho. This town is a place full of energy and life despite its small size. If you are interested in great outdoor recreation location, fine arts entertainment, superb business, Sun Valley is the place for you.

Outdoor Recreation 

Sun Valley rests in the southern portion of central Idaho, right next to three major national parks; the Frank Church Wilderness Preserve, the Sawtooth National Forest, and Craters of the Moon. The town itself is located in a region known as the Wood River Valley, which incorporates three other small towns, Ketchum, Bellevue, and Hailey. This unique location gives real estate in Sun Valley Idaho phenomenal access to outdoor recreation.

Within the Wood River area there are several geographic features that contribute to unforgettable outdoor recreation. These include Dollar and Bald mountains, which are nationally renowned ski destinations. With low winds speeds and an average snowfall of 200 inches annually, the Sun Valley area is a veritable utopia for beginning and professional skiers alike. If you would rather speed down the snow on a sled or tube, try out the tubing hills. In addition to great skiing and snowboarding in the area, you are welcome to test out your prowess on your bicycle. Sun Valley is one of the nation’s most biker-friendly towns. This is because the Wood River area is home to more than 700 miles of single track, backwoods trails. Explore the untouched wilderness just outside city limits. You can even take your bike to the top of Bald Mountain on the lift and spend the afternoon riding to its base. If you would rather road bike, try out the gem of the Sun Valley community, the Big Wood bike path. This paved bike path runs about 30 miles between the towns, from Bellevue to Sun Valley, and is a great place to road bike without worrying about vehicle traffic. You can even use it as an alternative form of transportation to get to and from work. In addition to biking and skiing, Sun Valley’s resorts provide ample opportunity for hiking, horseback riding, golfing, and just about every outdoor activity under the sun.

Just a bit further away from downtown Sun Valley, you can find the Magic Reservoir and several other smaller reservoirs, the Boise and Sawtooth national forests, and several high peaks such as Hyndman Peak. If you enjoy water sports such as boating and fishing, grab your gear and head out to Magic Reservoir. During the summer, spend your weekends camping in the beautiful foliage, glacial lakes, and mountain trails in Idaho’s nearby national forests. Backpacking, hiking, fishing, and camping, among other activities, are as easy as stepping outside the door of your recently purchased real estate in Sun Valley Idaho and putting on your adventure face.

Arts and Entertainment

In addition to fantastic outdoor recreation, Sun Valley is one of Idaho’s major arts towns. This is because Sun Valley is a resort town, and loves to educate and entertain its visitors and residents. Notable programs and places include the Sun Valley Summer Symphony, the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, the Sun Valley Pavilion, and the Opera House. The many resorts downtown also provide luxury dining, spas, and recreation. When you invest in real estate in Sun Valley Idaho, you invest in a lifetime full of year-round cultural discovery and expression.

The Sun Valley community loves to celebrate. Almost every weekend in Sun Valley is devoted to a fantastic festival featuring history, music, athletics, food, crafts, dance, theater, literature, and even sheep. As a resident of Sun Valley, you get to participate in everything from bicycle racing to shepherding. Whether or not you want to chase around a herd of sheep is entirely up to you, but no one in Sun Valley will stop you from trying it out.


Most of the businesses in Sun Valley are locally owned and operated. When you invest in real estate in Sun Valley Idaho, you get a truly unique day to day shopping experience. Each shop or store carries its own personal flavor, keeping Sun Valley exciting. Businesses are also fairly easy to start in the state of Idaho, and Sun Valley may just be the place for you to fulfill your lifelong dream of opening a chocolate shop. Whatever your dreams are, you can probably find a niche just right for you in Sun Valley.

As you undergo your adventure, keep your eyes open for real estate in Sun Valley Idaho. This beautiful town is a great place to satisfy your outdoor sweet tooth without sacrificing fantastic arts entertainment. Talk to one of our agents when you find a place right for you in Sun Valley.