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Ketchum Realty

In your search for your next home, consider browsing our listings of Ketchum realty. This excellent town has roots in history and continues to promote its unique heritage through community events. It is also a fantastic location for outdoor sports and recreation, arts exploration, and a high standard of living. Here are just a few highlights of Ketchum’s finest attributes.


Ketchum was originally known as Leadville. In the late 1800’s, it was used as a smelting center for a regional mining district. Silver and lead were the most prevalent of the metals mined in the area. As the mining industry lost steam, members of the Leadville community decided to add a bit of flavor to the town and renamed it Ketchum, after a local trapper and guide. Ketchum became a popular site for shepherding, since the high mountain valleys in the area provided great grazing grounds. By the 1920’s, the town was site to the highest flow of sheep in the west. After the development of resort town, Sun Valley, Ketchum turned its eye toward the tourist attraction it is today. National celebrities such as Ernest Hemingway and Gary Cooper loved to retreat their cabins in the peaceful atmosphere of this secluded mountain valley. To this day, Ketchum is a favorite location for celebrities, although you do not have to be famous to enjoy the amenities that Ketchum realty has to offer.


Despite the small size -- population rests at just under 3000 -- of Ketchum, the town maintains an energetic community. Ketchum residents love to celebrate the town’s rich history and participate in events in their neighboring towns of Sun Valley and Hailey. Learn about art at the Ketchum Arts Festival during the summer, or join the Trailing of the Sheep Festival for a taste of the early part of Ketchum’s history. Visit Sun Valley to participate in the Sun Valley Half Marathon and Bike Festival, or hit up the Harvest Festival in September. Guest presentations include exhibitions of art, science, humanities, and a wide variety of topics that keep Ketchum updated and informed on the latest breakthroughs in these fields. When you invest in Ketchum realty, you have the opportunity to participate in any and all of these events.

Outdoor Recreation

Although mining and shepherding were the major appeal at the beginning of Ketchum’s history, its current draw lies in the phenomenal outdoor recreation. Outdoor enthusiasts from across the world congregate at Ketchum for first class adventure. The Wood River Valley, in which Ketchum lies, is best known for its great skiing. This area was scouted out by two professional skiers back in 1936, who determined that it was ideal. With about 200 inches of snowfall annually and little to no wind, there is no doubt that those ambitious skiers were not mistaken in their assessment. Bald and Dollar mountains, located within ten minutes of Ketchum realty, are the main ski mountains in the region.

Biking in the Wood River area is second only to skiing in popularity. There are several outlets for cyclists to test out their skills and develop endurance. The prize of Ketchum residents is the paved, 33 mile long Big Wood Trail that connects the four towns in the region. This provides a venue for road biking and alternative transportation without running the risk of biking along the highway. There are also more than 700 miles of single track trails that extend into the essentially wild backwoods areas of the region. You can also bring your bike for a lift ride to the top of Bald Mountain and spend the afternoon riding back down. Several bike shops and rental locations in the area make Ketchum a biker friendly town.


As if great history, community, and recreation is not enough, Ketchum also has a vibrant arts foundation. Art galleries within the city include the Anne Reed Gallery, Art Quest West, the Broschofsky Galleries, and many more. Your exploration of visual arts is easy to accomplish as a resident of Ketchum. You can also take part in live performances by professional orchestras, vocalists, bands, and actors.

As you work on choosing a new home, see if Ketchum realty is what you want to invest in. This great town is lively and lovely, providing you with years of cultural exploration and close community. Browse our listings of Ketchum realty to see if you can find a home you like and talk to one of our agents about getting the process started.