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Looking at Idaho property for sale? Enlist our numerous online resources for a generous amount of information in your home buying search for Boise and surrounding areas. Access our MLS for a comprehensive listing for Idaho property.

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One of the most important steps during the Idaho home buying process is the home inspection. Home inspections must be done on all Idaho property for sale before the lender will agree to approving the mortgage or not. Most home inspections go just fine, but as you're finding your next home, don't get too attached before you've had the time to give it a good inspection yourself.

This won't replace the thorough inspection by a qualified, certified home inspector, but your own eyes will do when it comes to spotting major problems. If you do spot too many of them, and the home is intended to be your primary residence, it's best to move your house hunt forward. This is not to say you should pass up a home because of a few cosmetic repairs. There's plenty of easy things you can do to improve your home throughout the length of time you intend on living there, so don't fret over the small stuff, as there is undoubtedly going to be some with every Idaho property for sale. Here are some tips:

The roof: You'll mainly want to look for loose or curling shingles. On a metal roof, lookout for rust, bent-up tin or shifted sheets. Go inside the house and look at signs from the ceiling that hint at roof damage, such as stained panels, or bubbling paint, which are signs of water leakage. With a close examination from the attic, check out the insulation and the ceiling.

The windows: What is the condition of the windows from the inside and the outside? Is the glass sitting smug in the frames? Check for any water damage around the glass, such as rotten or discolored wood.

The exterior: Walk around the outside of the house with an eye for details. If you're looking for older Idaho property for sale, there will be some wear and tear, you just don't want an exorbitant amount. How's the paint holding up? Is there excessive cracking and peeling? If you're looking at aluminum or vinyl siding, is it clean, or is out of place and dirty? Pay close attention to the foundation and check for signs of cracking, loose bricks, or a shifting foundation.

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