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Idaho Luxury Homes in the Wood River Valley

Idaho is a beautiful state full of a variety of homes suited to the wants and needs of its residents. If you are a farmer, you can find a homestead out on the Snake River Plain to raise your annual crop of potatoes, wheat, or corn. If you like the energy of the city, you can find an apartment or home in the cozy neighborhoods of Idaho’s large metropolitan areas such as Boise, Coeur D’Alene, or Nampa. And if you seek the beauty and style of a luxury home, we can find you one just about anywhere you want to go. One such area where Idaho luxury homes are common is the Wood River Valley, where towns like Sun Valley, Hailey, Ketchum, and Bellevue offer unique and beautiful luxury options.

Sun Valley

Of the towns resting in the Wood River Valley, Sun Valley is the northernmost. This tourist based town is the site of numerous, locally owned businesses. When you shop in Sun Valley, your money goes directly into your local economy. The town is also host to several golf courses including the White Clouds Golf Course, Sun Valley Golf Course, and Bigwood Golf Course. In addition to golf courses, the town has a large, luxurious pavilion where the Sun Valley Summer Symphony and other professional artists perform for the community, and an ice rink where lessons, shows, and community events take place. When you choose an Idaho luxury home in Sun Valley, you have year round access to all of the amenities of a resort vacation without the fees of a hotel.


Ketchum is located just a few miles southwest of Sun Valley. This town is similar to Sun Valley, but somewhat less tourist centered. It also has a rich history; Ketchum was originally a smelting center for the Warm Springs mining company. Lead and silver were mined there up until the 1880’s, when it became a major byway for shepherds as they moved their flocks to the high mountain valleys of the Sawtooth region. As time went by, Ketchum became a favorite destination for national celebrities. Idaho luxury homes in Ketchum have a history with celebrities including Ernest Hemingway, Gary Cooper, and even previous California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Located about 12 miles south of Ketchum, Hailey is a little more secluded than the aforementioned cities because it gets less tourist traffic during the year. Hailey is a friendly town with an economy based around a wider variety of activities including farming. It is also home to the Blaine County government and the local airport, Friedman Memorial Airport. Much like the previously discussed towns, Hailey has a strong foot in local business. Idaho luxury homes in this town are often located in the foothills overlooking the area.


Bellevue is the furthest south of the towns in the Wood River Valley. This small town is quieter than Ketchum and Sun Valley and covers an area of less than two square miles. When you move to Bellevue, you get to experience life in a small, close knit community with little traffic. An Idaho luxury home in this town guarantees a quiet lifestyle.


The Wood River Valley is famous for its fantastic outdoor recreation. Nestled between the Sawtooth National Forest, the Frank Church Wilderness area, and Craters of the Moon National Park, this beautiful valley has access to some of the most beautiful and exciting land in the state of Idaho. Within minutes of Sun Valley and Ketchum are two world class ski resorts on Dollar Mountain and Bald Mountain. Hailey and Bellevue are close to Magic Reservoir, where boating, traditional and ice fishing, and swimming are popular pastimes. There are more than 30 miles of paved bike paths passing through the four cities, and more than 100 miles of single track trails for hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. Backpacking, hunting, whitewater rafting, and a myriad of other outdoor activities are literally a step out your back door when you own and Idaho luxury home in the Wood River Valley.

If you are interested in an Idaho Luxury home, be it in the Wood River Valley, or elsewhere in Idaho, keep browsing our website for fantastic, beautiful homes in the state. When you find one you like, talk to one of our agents about what you can do to move into one of the finest homes in the state.

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