Sun Valley Ski Lodge

Homes for Sale in Sun Valley

In your search for your next hometown, check out homes for sale in Sun Valley. This fantastic town is one of four situated in the beautiful Wood River Valley. As a resort location, small town, shopping utopia, recreation hot spot, and great community, Sun Valley might just meet your criteria for your new home.


Sun Valley is a very small town with just under 1,500 permanent residents, give or take a few as people visit for the seasonal amenities of the Wood River area. The town covers an area of approximately ten square miles, but do not let its geographical size fool you about the fun you can have there.


Sun Valley and its neighboring towns, Ketchum and Hailey, are a series of resort towns in south central Idaho. Resorts in Sun Valley include the Sun Valley Resort located at the base of Bald Mountain, where you can ski, golf, play tennis, go swimming, ice skate, and enjoy a fantastic meal among a wide variety of other activities. This and many other resorts and lodges offer Sun Valley visitors luxurious vacations, but as an investor in homes for sale in Sun Valley, visiting these classy vacation destinations could become your weekend tradition.

Outdoor Recreation

The aforementioned resorts in Sun Valley cater specifically to the needs of people interested in the vast variety of outdoor recreation opportunities in the Wood River area and the Sawtooth National Forest. These activities include biking, hiking, horseback riding, skiing and snowboarding, fishing, hunting, boating, rafting, and just about every outdoor activity you can think of. For the avid cyclist, Sun Valley is a veritable utopia. Backwoods single track trails extend for more than 700 miles into the vast wilderness surrounding the Wood River Valley, and a 33 mile paved bike path in the base of the valley makes transit between Sun Valley, Ketchum, and Hailey a breeze. If you are up for a mountain adventure, you can hitch a ride on the ski lift up to the 9,150 foot summit of Bald Mountain and spend the afternoon riding down its technically challenging slopes. The town has several professional bike shops, both for rental and for maintenance, and cyclist owned restaurants where cyclists gather to swap stories and enjoy a delicious dinner.

In addition to biking around the back country of Sun Valley, you can join one of the resort companies for horseback riding, hiking, and whitewater rafting down the Salmon River. Experienced guides make your experience safe as well as thrilling. Fishing and boating on Stanley Lake and Magic Reservoir are also popular pastimes for people who have bought homes for sale in Sun Valley.

Despite the fact that the previously mentioned recreational opportunities could satisfy your outdoor needs for a lifetime, Sun Valley is most famous for its ski slopes. This is because of Sun Valley’s ideal location and weather. During the winter, heavy snowfall blankets the area in white and little to no wind lets it stay there. The resident ski mountains, Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain, are pristine skiing destinations for skiers across the globe. Dollar Mountain is literally in the lap of the Sun Valley, making it easily accessible from homes for sale in Sun Valley. Dollar’s gentle slopes offer excellent training for those interested in trying out their skill on the formidable Bald Mountain, located about a half hour outside the town.


As a resident of Sun Valley, you have access to a unique shopping experience. Almost every business in Sun Valley is locally owned, so when you purchase goods in your new hometown, you are actively supporting your own community. Starting businesses in the area is also very easy, as it is throughout most of Idaho, so if you have a dream to start your own restaurant come give it a shot in Sun Valley.


When you invest in homes for sale in Sun Valley, you invest in a lively community. Sun Valley is home to various festivals, celebrations, and events that bring members of the community together. These include the Sun Valley Half Marathon, the Sun Valley Harvest Festival, the Trailing of the Sheep Festival, the Sun Valley Summer Symphony, and several more events featuring arts, music, food, culture, and athletics. As a member of the Sun Valley community, you get a deeply enriching experience hard to find elsewhere.

In your search for your next hometown, investigate the options available to you through homes for sale in Sun Valley. This fantastic town gives you access to unprecedented outdoor recreation, great shopping, lively community, and an all around fantastic experience. Browse our listings of homes for sale in Sun Valley and contact one of our agents when one of those beautiful homes catches your eye. Before long, Sun Valley could be your new hometown.