Down Town Ketchum

Homes for Sale in Ketchum Idaho

Ketchum Idaho is located in the southern portion of central Idaho. This small town has a population of just under 3,000 and covers an area of about 3 square miles. It is one of four major towns in the Wood River Valley. But do not let Ketchum’s size fool you into thinking that nothing happens there. Quite to the contrary, Ketchum is one of Idaho’s most lively cities. This is because it is a major resort location in the state. Here are a few facts about this town that will put homes for sale in Ketchum Idaho on the top of your list of places to investigate for your next home purchase.


Ketchum started out as a silver and lead smelting location for the Warm Springs mining district in 1880. It was originally named Leadville. As the mining economy faded, Ketchum’s economy turned to shepherding and the town was renamed after trapper and guide, David Ketchum. Shepherds drove their sheep through Ketchum to the high mountain valleys of the Sawtooth mountain range. By the early 1900’s, Ketchum had become the largest sheep shipping center in the western United States. When Sun Valley, the neighboring resort town, was developed and advertised, Ketchum became a popular celebrity getaway. Renowned writer, Ernest Hemingway, actor Gary Cooper, and several other national celebrities spent their free time in Ketchum.


Today, Ketchum carries on the tradition of shepherding and mining with local celebrations, but for the most part, Ketchum’s economy depends on local businesses and tourist traffic. This is because Ketchum is now a major resort location. Visitors to Ketchum come to enjoy the world class outdoor recreation.

The Wood River area is most famous for the superb skiing on the nearby mountains. Plentiful snowfall in this high mountain valley coupled with little to no wind creates a blanket of pristine snow for skiers, snowboarders, and sledders. The main ski destinations each rest 20 minutes or less away from Ketchum, given that the roads are in good condition. The first is the family friendly Dollar Mountain, just outside of Sun Valley, where beginning and intermediate runs give skiers of all ages opportunity to test and develop new skills on its gentle slopes. For the advanced skier, Bald Mountain provides thrills, chills, and tests your skills. Homes for sale in Ketchum Idaho have unique access to these fantastic ski destinations.

During the spring, summer, and fall, Ketchum is also a popular site for cyclists, hikers, hunters, fishers, and other outdoor sportsmen. With more than 30 miles of paved bike paths connecting the towns in the Wood River Valley, numerous bike shops and restaurants, race events, and more than 700 miles of backwoods trails, Ketchum is a cyclist’s utopia. During the summer, you can even bring your bike along for a chairlift ride to the top of Bald Mountain and ride the challenging miles of trails back to the base of the mountain. Search our listings of homes for sale in Ketchum Idaho for one located close to the head of one of these fantastic bike trails. Hunting and fishing, both during the summer and winter, in the Sawtooth National forest and other areas are popular pastimes for Ketchum residents.

Arts and Entertainment

As aforementioned, Ketchum caters to the needs of visitors and tourists. This means that if you invest in homes for sale in Ketchum Idaho, you will have unprecedented access to luxurious resorts, spas, and restaurants. The towns of Ketchum and Sun Valley are also host to festivals and events that you cannot find elsewhere in the state such as the Sun Valley Summer Symphony, a collection of professional musicians from across the world who perform all summer at the Sun Valley Pavilion, the Ketchum Arts Festival, three days of activities featuring world class artists, craft booths, and great food, the Sun Valley Half Marathon, and many more events that bring culture and community to the Wood River Valley. When you choose homes for sale in Ketchum Idaho, you choose a life of style and culture.


Ketchum, much like the rest of Idaho, is also very business friendly. If you have a dream to start a restaurant, specialty shop, or candy store, bring your plans to Ketchum. Most of the shops and restaurants in this town are the locally owned result of a dream turned to reality.

As you search for your next home investment, consider homes for sale in Ketchum Idaho. This resort town is welcoming to visitors and especially fantastic for the permanent residents. World class outdoor recreation, great entertainment, good business, and an all around high quality of life make Ketchum a great place to live.