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Hailey Idaho

Located in the heart of Idaho, Hailey is one of the most dynamic outdoor destinations in the state. It is one of the most popular mountain resort towns in Idaho, along with Ketchum and Sun Valley. For many, Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun valley are sought after as both winter and summertime hot spots for a weekend getaway or vacation. Hailey is located in the scenic Wood River Valley in central Idaho, with a population just under 8,000 people. Hailey is also the site of the Friedman Memorial Airport, the airport for the surrounding resort area of Sun Valley and Ketchum.

Hailey Idaho is the most populated of Idaho's central resort towns, and is home to the Blaine County School System. North of downtown is the Wood River Middle School, and south of the city is the new Woodside Elementary school. Hailey Elementary is located in the center of town, and Hailey is also home to the Wood River High School. You'll also find Silver Creek Alternative School, an opportunity for children who have struggled in a typical school setting. Adults interested in taking higher education courses will benefit from the College of Southern Idaho's Blaine County Center, also in Hailey.

Hailey Idaho, like her neighboring cities, is a mecca for outdoor life. Outdoor enthusiasts love Hailey for its proximity to the Sawtooth National Forest where hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping, and fishing are immensely popular. Within Hailey, it isn't uncommon to find local youth enjoying the outdoors while BMX riding or skateboarding. During the colder months of the year, residents enjoy Hailey's own Rotarun Ski Area, while much smaller than the nearby Sun Valley Resort, it still provides excellent snow activities for the entire family.

Mountains near Hailey Idaho include Carbonate, Red Devil Peak, and Della, which are commonly used for hiking, trail riding, and taking the dog out.

With a trip to Hailey, you'll quickly discover all the wonderful things this community has to offer. The exciting recreational opportunities found there are suitable for any skill level and any age. Even if you prefer the comfort of your home, you'll find the aesthetic views and pleasant atmosphere the winning combination for an ideal place to live. Don't miss out on Hailey during your tour of Idaho's resort towns!

Wood River Valley

The Wood River Valley is home to Hailey, Ketchum, Bellevue, and Sun Valley, and is considered Idaho's hometown in the mountains. The region has strong ties to the tourism industry, setting it apart from the surrounding agricultural valleys. To help bolster its outstanding reputation, the area typically experiences dry, sunny summers and mild, sunny winters with an average summer temperature of 77 and an average winter temperature of 33. There's an annual snowfall between 100 and 150 inches. The summer days in the Wood River Valley are long, reaching up to 15 hours, giving you more time to fit in the activities you love the most.

The Wood River Valley provides easy access to all the outdoor recreation that Idaho is famous for. Anyone who loves the great outdoors and small town charm will find a perfect home in Hailey Idaho. With such close proximity to the world famous Sun Valley, the Wood River Valley boasts some of the highest home values in the area, and a large host of seasonal/vacation homes.

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