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Hailey Idaho Homes for Sale

As you investigate Hailey Idaho homes for sale, take time to find out more about the town, its neighbors, and the region around it. You may be surprised by the attributes you discover as you find out more about Hailey. Here are just a few of the qualities and amenities that might trip your trigger as you search for your new home.

Great Location

Hailey is located in a well traveled nook of south central Idaho called the Wood River Valley. It is far enough out of the way to afford peace and quiet, but attracts enough attention to stay lively. Located midway between Pocatello and Boise, and nearly perpendicular to Twin Falls, Hailey has access to the amenities of Idaho’s major metropolitan areas. These include universities such as Boise State, Idaho State, and Northwest Nazarene, and colleges such as College of Southern Idaho. As a resident of Hailey, you have access to college education should you choose to pursue it.

Hailey Idaho homes for sale are also close to, and part of, one of Idaho’s most famous resort locations. Sun Valley and Ketchum, neighbors to the north, are full of resorts, lodges, restaurants, and other businesses devoted to making sure you have a great time. These luxurious places offer a weekend of relaxation, adventure, and entertainment. As a resident of Hailey, you have the option of going golfing, rafting, or skiing any day of the year, provided your activity of choice is in season.

Outdoor Recreation

Why are Hailey and its neighbors so popular? Well, a trip up to the Wood River Valley would be an enlightening experience. But to save on gasoline, we will just tell you. The Wood River Valley is an outdoor sporting utopia. Whether your interests lie in skiing, biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, rafting, or all of the above, you can find a perfect venue for it here. Hailey Idaho homes for sale are astoundingly integrated into the outdoor activity experience. For example, two of the finest ski mountains, Dollar and Bald, are just under half an hour’s drive from downtown Hailey. With an annual snowfall of about 200 inches, these mountains are fantastic turf for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels.

In addition to skiing, Hailey is a fantastic location for those who enjoy a good bike ride. The gem of Blaine County is the Big Wood Trail, a paved biking and walking trail that extends over thirty miles between the towns in the valley. This provides excellent entertainment in addition to a safe route for alternative transportation. In the surrounding region, there is also a surplus of 700 miles of single track backwoods trails that extend into the wilderness. Take your bicycle and spend an afternoon in the wild, then come back into town to tune up your bike and swap stories with other biking enthusiasts in one of Hailey’s local shops.

Although Hailey is best known for skiing and biking, there is also ample opportunity to participate in activities like golfing, hiking, camping, horseback riding, fishing, and many more. In Hailey, your outdoor adventures are limited only by your daring.


Despite the small size of the community, Hailey and its neighbors are bursting with the arts. The Company of Fools, a theater arts group, performs almost year round for residents and visitors of the Wood River Valley. If you have an ear for classical music, check out the Sun Valley Summer Symphony performances at the beautiful Sun Valley Pavilion or a performance at the Opera House. If you would rather study the arts visually, take a tour of one of the many art and pottery galleries located within the towns of Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley.

Community Events

Perhaps the best of the feature you will discover in Hailey Idaho homes for sale is the close-knit community. Hailey is an energetic community that loves to celebrate. These events include the Trailing of the Sheep Festival, which celebrates Hailey’s history of shepherding. Participate in activities featuring dance, music, and great food. If sheep do not interest you, participate in the Sun Valley Half Marathon or the Northern Rockies Folk Festival. These are just a few of the many festivals and events where you can explore new cultures, participate in thrilling races, and develop new skills.

As you search for your new house, seriously consider Hailey Idaho homes for sale. This great location offers unparalleled outdoor recreation, exposure to fine arts, and years of enjoyment in a lively community. Browse our listings for a home that appeals to you and contact one of our agents when you find a place you like in this fantastic town.