Eagle foreclosure properties

Eagle Idaho Foreclosure Properties

Buying an Eagle foreclosure property can be an excellent investment and offers a way for many homebuyers who were previously priced out of the Eagle marketplace to purchase a home in one of the premier developments in the Idaho real estate market. The desirable community of Eagle, known for its country yet upscale lifestyle, grew very fast during the housing boom a few years ago.  As of the end of 2010, over half of all sales in Eagle were ‘distressed’ and a majority of these were bank owned foreclosures. Buying Eagle Foreclosures.

Eagle Idaho Foreclosures

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Eagle ID Foreclosures and Short Sale Properties 

sign_eagle-1Bank owned foreclosures, also known as REOs (Real Estate Owned), are just one of the 3 types of distressed sales.  The other 2 types that fit this distressed sale category are short sales and auctioned properties.

The reason so many people are pursuing bank owned foreclosures is they typically are aggressively priced below current market value.  When a homeowner can no longer keep up with their house payments, the bank or lender forecloses on the property.  If it is not purchased at the Trustee sale, then the bank takes back the property and has to put it on the market.  This process takes several months and can be very costly.  The bank has to pay property taxes, homeowners association dues, make any required repairs and maintain the property until it is re-sold. 

boise-home-3_400There a several things a buyer should keep in mind if they want to capitalize on Eagle foreclosure properties.  First of all, before submitting the offer, a buyer should do adequate research on the neighborhood’s recent comparable sales and confirm if repairs and upgrades are necessary that the neighborhood can support it.  Second, submit a loan approval letter with the offer so the bank knows the buyers are serious.  Third, make the offer contingent upon the approval of the home inspection.  In most cases the properties are sold ‘as is’ and the banks do not want to do any additional repairs so it is very important the buyer has a way to back out of the transaction if there is serious damage or in need of costlier repairs than they projected in the offer.  Typically, the bank will take several business days to respond to the offer.  Be patient; there maybe more than one decision maker.  If they accept the offer, it will be worth the wait. 

Since the bank is looking to recover as much of its investment as quickly as possible, you maybe able to purchase a foreclosures at a considerable discount especially if it has been on the market for a while.  It is a perfect opportunity to get a great deal on a home of your dreams in Eagle, ID.

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