Southern Idaho Properties and Homes by Zip Code

Snake River, IdahoMany of our mls listings come from the cities in southern Idaho. There hundreds of properties to choose from amongst the southern Idaho zip codes. Make your search quick and easy by using the pages below we have provided to look at homes in a specific zip code. There are 40+ zip codes to choose from in southern Idaho, with great prospects in each one. Select the zip code that has the amenities and activities you are looking for. The following zip codes are found in southern Idaho: 83301-03, 83311-14, 83316, 83318, 83320-21, 83323-25, 83327-28, 83330, 83332-38, 83340-44, 83346-49, 83350, and 83352-55. These zip codes include cities such as Twin Falls, Glenns Ferry, Hagerman, and Wendell-most of which fall right along the Snake River! (see right for the Swan Falls Dam on the Snake) Check out the spectacular homes available here and find the house of your dreams today!

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Southern Idaho Properties by Zip Code

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