Boise Short Sale Homes

Buying a short sale property in Boise may be an excellent option for you if you are looking to get a good deal on a home.  Essentially, the term ‘short sale’ means the lender agrees to accept less than what is owed on a home to avoid going through the costly and very time-consuming process of foreclosure. Buying Boise Short Sale Homes.

Boise Short Sale Homes for Sale

Boise Short Sale Homes for Sale

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Boise ID Short Sale Properties


During these tough economic times, more and more homeowners are finding themselves getting behind on their mortgage payments due a loss of a job or a reduction in income and must prove an actual hardship. The distressed sales in Boise have put a tremendous downward pressure on prices and account for over 40% of all sales.

Short sales can be a win-win for all the parties involved.  It is a win for the homeowner because they escape the devastation of going through the foreclosure process.  It is a win for the lender because they get to cut their losses quickly and do not have to go through the expensive process of foreclosure, maintaining the property and then putting the home back on the market many months later.  The buyer also comes out a winner when they can purchase a property below current market prices.  Lastly, the neighborhood does not have to endure a vacant eyesore for months and further dropping surrounding property values. 

The short sale process in Boise, as in other areas, typically is not at all a short-term or quick process.  Buyers need to be patient and it can take up to 4-6 months for a response from the lender with no guarantee that it will close.  First, the seller agrees to the terms of the purchase and sale agreement and then the offer is subject to the lender’s approval to all terms and conditions.  The process is further complicated and delayed if there is more than one lender or mortgage insurance companies are involved.  As with all home purchases, the home buyer must be diligent by doing their homework on property values in the area, conduct a thorough inspection and be ready to close quickly once the lender agrees to the terms.  In most cases the homes are sold in ‘as is’ condition and therefore the buyer should make sure any potential repair costs be considered in the offer.  In the end, the buyer can walk away with a great bargain.

If Short sale homes in Boise are not the right fit for you, start your search for Boise Id homes sorting by price range and you are sure to find a wide selection of options in traditional re-sale homes. 

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