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With wide open spaces and a bustling downtown core, this community is an excellent mix of small town charm and big city convenience.

Buyers will find a nice selection of single family homes on quiet streets, as well as brand new condominiums and townhouse developments. Whether you're looking for your first home, a luxury estate, or an investment property to add to your portfolio, you'll find what you're looking for right here.

Boise Residential Listings
Total Listings 625
Average Price $791,847
Highest Price $5,450,000
Lowest Price $0

Boise Idaho is a beautiful area that is located along the Boise River, anchoring the Boise City-Nampa metropolitan area. Boise has about 205,000 people while the metropolitan area boasts just under 617,000. You’ll find a range of Boise houses in all corners of the city, and our fast and easy search makes finding the perfect home almost effortless.

Boise Idaho- Boise Homes and Lifestyle

boise-skyline-8_400Boise Idaho is often found on “best places” lists for several different reasons. One of the leading authorities, National Geographic Adventure, likes to call Boise Idaho the “Last great place in the American West.” Certainly a deserving title for the quality that is Boise, you’ll find our area favorite packed with advantages over many other places to live.Boise Idaho is not only the nature lover and outdoor enthusiast’s playground, but it is a cultural center for those who relish art and music. You’ll find Boise between mountains to the northeast and a broad, flat plain that descends to the west.

Boise Idaho has increased in population over the years, attesting to its strength as an ideal home for anyone. Boise may have a larger population, but it retains the quality of a small town life and doesn’t fail to offer affordable housing in many stretches of the city. There are numerous school opportunities and an expansive public transportation system that Boise uses aggressively. A proposed streetcar system is also in the works. Boise is in the top ten cities for bike commuters, and many use the Boise Greenbelt System to make the commute easy and friendly. Whichever Boise neighborhood suits your needs best, there is Boise Idaho real estate available.

Boise Idaho has a strong presence for its quality of hospitals and schools. Amongst performing well in these important areas of life, Boise is home to large recreational areas the public have come to know and love. Boise boasts many expansive parks which are connected via the Boise Greenbelt and adjacent to the Boise River where residents enjoy floating their weekends away. Boise has a strong local economy and a vibrant downtown life with several high rises that cater to a career presence that Boise has been awarded for.

There are as many famous as there are hidden gems toBoise Idaho.It’s a beautiful, luscious city with opportunities that lay the foundations for a full life for you.