World Class Fishing in Idaho: Silver Creek




Idaho is known for it’s excellent fishing on many of its rivers. In Southeast Idaho, there are the South Fork of the Snake River and Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. Both rivers offer an incredibly diverse fishing experience, as the terrain of the rivers change. Each river flows through canyons and flatlands, and there are sometimes sections of rapids or waterfalls. But, they offer world class fishing, and draw fishermen from all over the world.

Deciding to live in Idaho is a lifestyle choice, and it’s one decision that you should make if you love the outdoors, and being able to fish on some of the best rivers in the world. Trout are plentiful in Idaho, and both Henry’s Fork and the South Fork of the Snake River offer a skilled fisherman the change to land a trophy.

However, there’s a river in Central Idaho that offers a challenge. It offers huge brown and rainbow trout, if you can catch them. The currents, however, offer a challenge for even the most skilled of fisherman, and this river has broken many a fisherman. The lure of large trout, and besting the river brings many fishermen here to try, though.

Silver Creek

Of course, Silver Creek isn’t really a river, it’s more a creek, but that doesn’t lessen the challenge in the slightest. The area is incredibly beautiful though, so you’ll be able to enjoy some gorgeous and breathtaking scenery while you try to battle the creek and win a fish. Silver Creek features challenging currents, that will make even the best drift fail. It’s often been said that fishermen get so frustrated that they will hit a trout with their fishing pole.

Silver Creek is full of trout. If you can reach out and smack one on the head with the tip of your pole, you know there are plenty of fish. It’s just a challenge trying to get one to bite. However, if you’re looking for a memorable and challenging fishing experience, Silver Creek foots the bill a little too well.

Up to the Challenge

If you are up to the challenge of Silver Creek, you can pull out a trout almost 24 inches long. Of course, it can just as easily get away, and be another fishing story from Silver Creek. Silver Creek does travel through the Silver Creek Preserve, so fishing is protected there. From the reserve and down to Route 20, there are catch-and-release guidelines to protect the fish populations. So, you’ll want to be sure to check any special regulations before making a trip.

Float Tubing

While you are able to wade in parts of the creek, float tubing provides you with the best access. Wading is possible in the few miles the creek runs through the Silver Creek Preserve. It quickly becomes more difficult the lower you go down the river, though. The creek simply starts getting too deep, and there are some prime fishing spots that can’t be accessed by wading. Float tubing will you provide with the best access to Silver Creek. There are ponds that form in areas along the creek, which creates nice fishing pockets. Because of the depth, and often the location, you’ll need a tube to reach them. When you do get to them, however, you’ll be rewarded with some of the best fishing on Silver Creek.


All along the Silver Creek Preserve and down to Route 20, the fishing is only catch-and-release. Beyond that, there are areas of the creek where you can catch fish and keep them, but there is a limit. The fish also need to be longer than 16 inches. Keep up to date on regulations to be sure you’re following the law. Also, from December to February, all fishing is catch-and-release only. This helps to ensure that the population levels stay at healthy numbers.

Enjoying Idaho

One thing is certain: you’ll love living in Idaho. If you love fishing, and if you love a challenge, you’ll find plenty to do here, with challenging fishing like Silver Creek, and world-famous fishing like Henry’s Fork. With all the beauty and opportunities in Idaho, you’ll never run out of things to do. Silver Creek alone offers enough variety and challenge that you could fish a different spot, and spend weeks on the creek. Find your home, grab your tackle, and start enjoying Idaho.

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