Why you should choose to live in Idaho

Idaho is well known for their potatoes but something that is becoming known to some is the fact that Idaho has more to offer than just potatoes. It has some of the most gorgeous scenery, farms, mountains, rivers, sites, so forth in the United States. Idaho is settled in between Washington and Oregon. Idaho is the eleventh largest state and ranks thirty-ninth in population.

Outdoors in Idaho

In Idaho, you will find recreation in which the residents and Idaho’s visitors participate in every year leading to some of the highest percentages. The favorites of the state are whitewater rafting and kayaking. One of the premier rivers to do these activities is the Salmon River.

During the winters the most popular sport is those of skiing and snowboarding at Idaho’s best resorts. One of those popular resorts is Sun Valley which produced several Olympic skiers as well as snowboarders. In fact, it is an official training resort that is utilized by the United States Olympic as well as Paralympic Nordic ski teams. The center of Sun Valley has over twenty-five miles of well-maintained trails in which are open to everyone.

Among the Salmon River and Sun Valley is Sandpoint. Sandpoint is just off the Washington Idaho border and is best known as the under the radar ski town. Located in Sandpoint is Schweitzer Mountain Resort. During the warmer months, several of the trails that are normally used for skiing offers scenic challenges for those mountain bikers, no matter their level. In the middle of the summer every year a Bike Festival is held. Along with the two hundred and seventeen thousand acres of Sawtooth Wilderness in which offers many alpine lakes, dense forests, and jagged peaks not to mention the several camping spots.

Education in Idaho

You will find many colleges or universities in Idaho, as many of the towns that have a population of over twenty thousand has one. Among the colleges and universities is the famous Boise State, Idaho State, and the University of Idaho. Out of all of the fifty states, you will find that Idaho is in the top three with a graduation rate to 84.7 percent.

Only in Idaho

In Idaho, you will find several museums, historical sites as well as some unique off the path attractions. You will find the Bird Aviation Museum. Although you may think that it is an aviary, it is in fact not. Northern Idaho close by Sagle is home to this beautiful museum. Outside the museum, you can see Lake Pend Oreille. The museum was named after the founder Doctor Forrest Bird. Doctor Bird was not only an inventor but was an avid aviator. Doctor Bird started to be interested in airplanes systems when he flew them in World War Two. He then turned the interest to the very first respirator in which was introduced in 1958. The respirator was considered a low-cost mass-produced. TV’s Doctor Kildare encouraged to get the Bird in 1960. In 1970 the baby bird respirator was then introduced.

An accumulation of Doctor Bird’s vintage aircraft can be found in the museum. In the Invention Center, many displays of historic and uncommon inventions can be found along with plaques of who created each invention.

Among the unique museum is the Idaho State Penitentiary. The penitentiary is located in the capital city, Boise. The Penitentiary use to house prisoners when it was opened as the territorial prison from 1872 to 1973. The prison stopped housing prisoners when a section of it was destroyed in a fire after a riot broke out. No, the Penitentiary is opened to the public for tours. The Penitentiary offers thirty historic buildings and several different exhibits. Among the tour, you can visit cell blocks, the isolation area which is called Siberia, and the gallows.

Idaho’s side door to Yellowstone

Wyoming holds the main section of the three thousand five hundred square mile park but some of it including the side door is located in Idaho. The Western Gate to enter the park is approximately twenty miles from Island Park, Idaho. Island Park has it’s very own unique thirty-six-mile main street. If you look at the town’s history it says in 1947 part of Highway twenty was turned into Island Park because of a state law that would not allow liquor to be sold outside the borders of a town that was not incorporated.

In Island Park, you can also find the world's biggest caldera. A sorrow made when a volcano collapsed into itself. The Island Park Caldera was formed from the remains of the ancient volcanic eruption and it extents fifty-eight miles one way and forty miles the other going all the way into Yellowstone Park.

Unplayed Rivalry

There are two rivalries that live in the state of Idaho and they are not from professional sports teams. It is between the famous Boise State Broncos who offer their Blue turf and the Vandals from the University of Idaho. Who had a one-time game in Division I, but have not been on the field at the same time against each other since 2010.

Boise State took the national spotlight in an undefeated season when they took the Oklahoma game in overtime during the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. Starting in 1971, the Broncos began to win 8 out of twelve games. In 1982, the Vandals took the lead and won twelve games prior to the Broncos winning again in 1994. The Vandals continued to win the next three out of four before the Broncos ended the series with twelve wins in a row as they rose to national fame for football.

The Vandals are set to go from the Football Bowl down to the Football Championships, therefore, no one knows when the rivalry will continue but that does not stop the arguments.

There are many more reasons why one should move to Idaho, such as the fisherman’s paradise as there are so many places to fish for the best-known trout going from the South Fork to Henry's Fork all on the Snake River. There are private spots and public spots alike. Find your spot and enjoy the peaceful fill of the fishing in the great Idaho outdoors.

The final reason is Jobs. Many surveys have been taken to show Idaho is one of most common states to look at for jobs. Idaho has come up as the thirteenth overall job growth. No matter the reason for your consideration in moving to Idaho, you cannot go wrong.

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