Why You Need an Idaho Real Estate Agent

Boise area golf courseIdaho real estate and Idaho real estate agents are a combination that garners greater success than trying to do it on your own. Your agent plays a critical role in the sale of properties, and you'll want one to represent your interests as your purchase will likely be the biggest one you'll make in your life. Our professionals are members of an organization that ensures the strict adherence to an ethical code of conduct, which protects you when you buy a home. Get started with your agent today by calling (208) 571-7145.

Realtors ensure:

  • Education and experience
  • Filter your home search
  • Area and neighborhood knowledge
  • Price guidance
  • Market information
  • Handle mounds of paperwork

Your next Idaho home purchase can vastly benefit from the resources realtors can provide, such as objective information about your potential new purchase. They are the exclusive key holders to valuable information that is specific to each property, the community or neighborhood, utilities, and the nearby school district.

Because buying your next Idaho home is teeming with different negotiating factors, a realtor is necessary to get you through it and out on the positive end. Things such as the price of the home (of course!) will be negotiated with your interests in hand, and many of us aren't equipped to deal in this type of transaction. There are other negotiations, such as terms, financing, date of possession and the inclusion or exclusion of repairs and furnishings. If you've never purchased a home or even if you have, it can be a daunting procedure, and having licensed, ethical, experienced agents at your disposal is an invaluable resource.

Your agent will recommend the appropriate inspections and certain tests that should be performed before you purchase your home. They'll walk with you through the final inspection of the property before you purchase. After you make an offer, the seller will either accept your offer, or reject it. Often times though, they'll come back with a counter offer and your real estate agent will act as your negotiator.

Boise area homeOur real estate agents will act as the liaison between buyers and sellers, and without them, you'll have to play a game of telephone tag to make appointments to view homes. You'll be on your own to track down the homes that meet your criteria, and you may miss out on that dream home, as some of them may not be listed. Your agent will have access to those homes and so much more.

The bottom line is that the process of home buying and selling can be complex, and it can really pay to have a professional on your side. Our experienced team works as full time agents who have your best interests and home buying dreams in mind.

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