Why to Consider Living in a Smaller House


If you're searching for a home in Idaho, there's plenty of great reasons why going for the small house is advantageous. Even if you're working on buying your second or third home, it's not necessarily better to go bigger, even though moving up in size and luxury is usually the goal home buyers in Idaho aim for. It can more than just free you financially, but you'll find plenty of other 'freeing' aspects to moving into a home with less square feet.

The most exciting aspect of living in a small home is the sudden freedom you'll find in your bank account. Household bills tend to rise the higher your ceilings, the farther apart your walls, and the more rooms you have. It takes a lot more energy to heat and cool large homes, and many more dollar bills out of your pocket.

If you're a first time home buyer, you'll find yourself faced with a lot less space to fill. Think less furniture to buy, less flooring, fewer gallons of paint, and so on. If you're one of those who tend to buy stuff, you may find yourself finally able to say no. If you don't have the space for it, you won't buy it. At least, you really shouldn't. With fewer possessions, that's a lot less to maintain and clean. A lot less to keep track of. Not as many opportunities to lose things. That's a major plus!

With all the money you otherwise would have spent on your utility bill and house furnishings, you can dump it into a savings account and watch it grow. Wouldn't it be great to see that money add up and put it towards next year's trip to France, or that new car you've had your eye on?


One of the very best advantages is all the free time you now have! Fewer floors to vacuum, a smaller kitchen to sweep & mop, less counter space to de-clutter & wipe up. Finding the time to clean can be an impossible task, and in between your full time job, time at the gym, night classes, squeezing in upkeep and cleaning can be a major hassle. Plenty of home buyers choose smaller Idaho homes for this reason alone.

Have you always struggled with clutter? With mess? Well, with the strict confines of a smaller home, you'll be forced to get rid of that clutter & hoarding problem. Our habits of accumulating 'stuff' tends to expand to fit our space. This is where that aforementioned 'freeing' aspect comes into play. You may actually find yourself with more space. During your declutter frenzy and weekend yard sale, you'll find yourself breathing in some fresh air.

You'll enjoy the ability to live a much more simple life. Instead of balking at a small home, think of the positive ways it will challenge you. It encourages you to keep only the things you need and to be more organized.

In conclusion, you may find it encouraging to know that smaller Boise homes may be easier to sell than the mammoth ones. If you buy a small, energy efficient home, you'll be sitting on a wise investment, as these types of homes aren't as easy to find. People are catching on to how wonderful, comfortable, cozy and inexpensive living in a small home is.

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