Why Choose Idaho?


Making a choice to move somewhere is not an easy one. To uproot your entire life and plant it down somewhere else can be a daunting task, and frequently, it does not work out. There are always stories about people making risky moves and reaching their destination to find that it is worse than they expected or does not meet their expectations. Oftentimes, this is just the product of being homesick for the life you lived before and you eventually figure things out so that you live a very nice existence where you have settled down, but that is not always the case. If you are currently in a situation where you are searching for a new place to live and call home, you either know exactly where you are going to go or you have no idea. If you are in the latter camp, I have a recommendation for you. One of the best all-around places to live in the United States is Idaho. Now, I can understand if you are skeptical, but just hear me out. Idaho has a lot to offer and there are a lot of people that move there every year because of the things that make it great. Here are a few of those reasons.

First, Idaho is a beautiful place. It is one of the most beautiful states in the country. If you have only ever been to the Boise area or traveled through Idaho on the main highway that runs across the bottom of the state, you might think there is only flat farmland and nothing else. How could that be so beautiful? Sure, flat plains have a kind of charm, but they can be pretty boring, right? Well, yes, you are right. Plains can be sort of enchanting, especially the right kind of plains, but they wear out their welcome very quickly, especially when you are driving past field after field of corn. However, that is not all Idaho has to offer, and if you have ever traveled a little deeper into the state, you probably know that. Idaho has pretty much every kind of natural feature that exists and all of them are stunning. There are the typical American kinds of terrain, including mountains and rivers and forests that will fill you with wonder and which offer a bunch of different activities. In fact, Idaho has more river length than most other states in the Union. The Snake River itself is massive. But Idaho has even more than typical American terrain. It has sand dunes that would not look out of place in the Sahara Desert. It has Crater of the Moon National Park, which is one of the most unique formations of rock and desert in the world. There are a million things to discover in Idaho and all of them will leave you basking in their glory.

Of course, Idaho has no rule that says you can look but not touch. Well, yes it does have rules like that, but that does not mean you have to simply stare at a mountain without grabbing some climbing gear and going rappelling. Those incredible dunes I was talking about? People take dune buggies into them all the time and whirl around in the sand, going off jumps and kicking up awesome clouds of dust. The Snake River is infinitely boatable. You can take a kayak or a motorboat or a canoe all up and down that river to see everything it has to offer. What is more, the people of Idaho have gotten river rafting over rapids down to a science. They cannot get enough of the stuff. One trip through a particularly exciting run of rapids while either leave you terrified out of your mind, desperate to get off Mr. Idaho’s wild ride or more likely, itching for more and more exciting rapids. Idahoans are very eager to use every single foot of their rivers for some kind of water-related fun. Pretty much anywhere is going to have some kind of fun outdoor activity just waiting for you to hop in and enjoy.

Of course, there are some more mundane reasons people move to Idaho, though depending on your financial situation, they can be far more exciting. One reason to move to Idaho is for a job. Unlike some other parts of the country, Idaho is growing when it comes to employment. There are pretty much always job available and they can be found in a variety of different fields. If you are a farmer looking to start a new homestead, Idaho is the ideal place for you, but that is not where the growth stops. Some of Idaho’s largest businesses are devoted to the creation and sale of microtechnologies. The tech business in Idaho is booming. Of course, there is always the service industry. There are hospitals, healthcare facilities, and all kinds of similar organizations that need people to work for them. Whatever kind of employment you are in need of, it can probably be found within Idaho’s borders.

This is all because Idaho’s economy is doing very well. It suffered just like everywhere else during the recession, but has since come back and is constantly on the up and up. It might not last forever, but for the moment, Idaho is a fantastic place when it comes to standards of living and housing prices. Shopping, living, and eating are affordable and you can get some really quality of products and food. Idaho is a wonderful place to live both for its expansive and growing civilization and for the natural side of the state that you can visit and enjoy any time.

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