Why should I move to Idaho?

If you are looking to get away from the busy city life, or want to move somewhere you can literally have nature in your backyard, then you really need to check out Idaho. Idaho? You mean, the land of potatoes and blue-turfed football fields? Yes, we mean that Idaho. You see, Idaho is the ideal place for you. You may not know it now, but if you are looking to get out of the city, or want to be able to walk right out into nature, then Idaho is the place you want to be. If you don’t know much about Idaho, then this is the article for you, here are 9 reasons why everyone should consider moving to Idaho.

It isn’t all city

If you review a map of Idaho, you will find that there aren’t that many big cities here. And, if you look into the cities that are considered to be somewhat large, you’ll see that even our big cities are nothing compared to those of the rest of the nation. You see, Idaho has no metropolis at all. No huge cities and no huge metro areas. In fact, the largest city-like area we have in this state is the Boise – Nampa area and that only comes to about half a million people.

It isn’t all rural

Now, given that Idaho doesn’t really have a massive city center anywhere, there are still some cities that are large enough to provide residents with all the amenities they could ask for. While we have small towns with only one general store, there are also cities that have thousands upon thousands living there, 200,000+ in Boise, meaning that there is quite a lot of city-like amenities to go around for those that live there. In fact, in Boise itself, there are several colleges, an actual downtown area, and a distinct nightlife even.

It is the best of both worlds

As you have probably noticed from our first two sections, Idaho is not a middle-of-nowhere kind of place, nor is it a metropolis either. You see, Idaho is the best of both worlds. It has all the amenities you want out of a city and all the serenity and fun that comes from the great outdoors. People who live in Idaho can literally spend a day hiking in the mountains and then spend the evening at a concert. They can shop at a big box store and then turn around and spend an afternoon on a lake. It is great!

The people are nice

For some reason, the people of the northwestern United States are not thought of as friendly. However, the people of Idaho do not have that same stigma. You see, the people in Idaho are actually known for being very friendly. In fact, almost all of Idaho is known for having that small town charm that most people like in the place they choose to live. Even in the Boise, Meridian, Nampa area where there are half a million people, many people have commented that you can’t escape the friendly natured atmosphere. While this isn’t a way measure friendliness, it has been noted by quite a few people. Idaho is not a place where people avoid talking to each other, it is a place where you can make friends with almost anyone you see on the street.

The median house price

Another thing to consider when you are thinking about moving to Idaho is the cost of a house. The median house price in Idaho is actually slightly lower than the median house price of the whole United States, on average. So, if you are coming from a big city, you are more than likely to find a much bigger bang for your buck here in Idaho. It has been rumored that you can buy almost twice as much house here as you would in some other parts of the country.

The cost of living

Idaho is a very cost efficient place to live. On average, Idaho, especially Boise and the cities in Treasure Valley are lower than the national average. On several websites like areavibes.com and bestplaces.net, it has been rated at or below the national average. For the most part, groceries are rated cheaper here and so are transportation and utilities. This means that your money goes a lot farther here, assuming that where you are moving from has a higher than average cost of living.

All the fun things to do here

Now, this is where things start to get interesting. Idaho is a wonderful place for all sorts of fun. The most obvious things people come to Idaho for would have to be the outdoor activities. Within a few miles of almost any place in Idaho, you can easily find some sort of outdoor recreation. Take Boise for example. Within a few miles, you have 2 great reservoirs for boating, swimming, and so on, rivers to fish in, mountains to climb, wildlife to photograph and so on. However, this isn’t all there is when it comes to fun in Idaho. There are also many city activities like Bronco football at the Albertson’s Stadium, concerts at the Knitting Factory, and even a whole ton of shopping and good food.

It's distance from major cities

Idaho is also great because it is pretty far from any major cities but close enough to them so that if need be one could travel to the big city and home in only a matter of a day or two. Since there aren’t any huge cities in or near Idaho there isn’t a lot of traffic that runs through from other cities nor is there the crime or pollution that comes with living in or near a large metro area. However, those big cities and thriving metro areas are still fun, and sometimes necessary, to visit. From Idaho, driving, one can easily be in Portland, Seattle, Reno, or Salt Lake City in only a few hours. In about a day or so one could be in Las Vegas, Denver, or even Los Angeles.

Great jobs

Idaho has some great jobs. Despite the idea that Idaho is all agricultural, there are actually many different industries here to work in. For instance, in Boise alone, there are marketing firms, tech companies, factories, architectural firms, and so much more. And the agricultural business has many departments inside of them that are filled with a position from every industry. If you are a financial analyst, a craftsman, a builder, a computer programmer, or anything else for that matter there is a job here in Idaho for you. There are even some large companies that are headquartered out of Idaho. Albertsons and Winco grocery stores as well as Micron Technology for starters. Then there is also Hewlett-Packard’s printer division, Buck Knives, Scentsy, and so much more.

Now, there are many more reasons why you should be considering Idaho as your newest place of residence. However, we will have to stop here. If you want to know more about Idaho and why you are sure to love it here, then give us a call today. Here at the Hughes Group, we are passionate about helping people find their place in Idaho. We’ll get you as much information as we can on Idaho and even help you find your dream home once you are here. So, give us a call anytime, or shoot us an email if that is better for you.




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