Why Remodel the Laundry Room?

Most often when homeowners decide to remodel their spaces, the laundry room gets set aside in favor of the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Almost any room in the house is more likely to receive upgrades, but once all of those rooms are made beautiful, the laundry room seems to still remain in shambles. Well, there are many reasons why a pristine, new laundry room is a good idea. For starters, it is always a good idea to update appliances to newer, more energy efficient appliances. While this is an expensive upfront cost, the amount of money saved on utilities over the lifespan of the washer and dryer is amazing. Plus, newer washing machines treat clothes with a gentler hand than their predecessors. The technology available nowadays allows for gentler cycles that often clean clothing more thoroughly. This means that the clothes can last longer than if they were still being flung around inside an older model.

Most new washers and dryers have higher capacity due to companies removing unnecessary parts and upgrading the machinery to more efficient and smaller motors. Washing machines now offer more options to choose from when washing clothing, so it’s easier than ever to give clothes the care they need from home as opposed to taking them to be professionally cleaned. The same thing is happening with dryers. Many have personalized settings that are more effective than older dryers. Aside from updating the machinery in the room, if a laundry room is an actual room, there is often plenty of space that can be used to store canned goods, extra towels and sheets, and cleaning supplies. If there are areas in the home that do not have enough storage space, spill over into a laundry room that hasn’t been remodeled can make the room feel cramped and cluttered. Taking the time to remodel the space can be a great time to go through the clutter and figure out what to keep and what to give away. Plus, it gives the homeowner a chance to organize the space and put in shelving and cabinets as desired.

Before remodeling, it’s important to look at the space and try to figure out just what things should be added to the room. A table to use for folding laundry is a great addition to a laundry room. This is most often a long countertop-like area that provides a flat surface to make folding easier. If ironing is a task that must be performed often, it’s also a good idea to have an ironing board somewhere in the laundry room. There are many ways that this can be implemented, some of which require a bit of creative thinking. One such idea is to install cabinets and instead of having a drawer, have a pull out ironing board. This eliminates the need for extra storage space for the ironing board, plus there’s no need to wrestle with the legs of the ironing board. Just pull it out and it will always be at the same height.

In a smaller space, it may not make sense to have a large washer and dryer set sitting side by side. There are many machines out there that can stack- front loading washer and dryer sets that take up less floor space. This could open up the room for space to include shelving, a sink, etc.

Some homes have a laundry room that doubles as a mud room. In homes like this, it may become challenging to keep the room tidy and organized. One idea to keep the room a bit more manageable is to visually separate the place where shoes and coats go from the space where the laundry room resides. There are many ways to do this, but one way is to pick two complimentary colors and coordinate the shoe area in one color and the laundry space in the other color. This will unite the two spaces while still making a distinction that they are used for different purposes.

For laundry spaces that are in a closet, it can seem dirty and cramped in the closet after several years of use. Sprucing up this space can include painting the inside of the closet with a nice, light color and changing out the flooring in favor of an easy to clean, but darker colored flooring option. This will hide any water stains and any dirt that collects on the floor will be easier to mop up. As for additional space to put things such as detergent and dryer sheets, often there is space above the washer and dryer where a shelf could be installed. If this doesn’t provide enough space to store the things needed, then many stores sell over the door hangers and shoe racks. This can be a great place to put things such as window cleaner and everyday cleaners. Placing the shoe organizer on the inside of the door allows for the organizer to remain out of sight until the laundry closet is opened.

Though the laundry room is often left out of decorating and organizing parties, it is a great idea to pay attention to it, This will alleviate some of the stress of laundry day because instead of going into a cluttered room with blah walls and perpetually dirty floors, the laundry room will be a place that is decorated in a pleasing manner.




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