Why People Love Kuna, Idaho So Much


Kuna, Idaho has quickly become one of the fastest-growing cities in Idaho over the years. This quaint, rural town is attracting visitors who want to live in a town that has character. Since 1995, Kuna’s population has been on a steady rise from around 2,500 residents to its current population of 25,000. The little town is growing so quickly and isn’t showing signs of stopping any time soon! It’s nearly tripled since the early 2000s, but just why do people love Kuna, Idaho so much?

Located just 18 miles south of Idaho’s capital city of Boise, Kuna is in a great area where city-dwellers can go to experience the tranquil sides of Idaho. What originally started as a railroad stop for passengers on their way to Boise, Kuna has exploded into a tight-knit community where everyone knows everyone. Here, you are close enough to the city should you need anything, but far enough away to still maintain that small-town feel. It offers diverse housing and access to many recreational services that will keep you glued to Kuna. Everyone here is a true friend and neighbor and will help you out if you’re in a jam. Having such welcoming and community-oriented people means a lot to residents who are new to the area.

Kuna’s tagline proudly describes the city as a place “where growth happens, but simple still exists”. Homeowners will be happy to know that Kuna has one of the lowest housing costs in Ada County, weighing in at 81.7 percent of the national average. Additionally, the cost of living sits at around 91.4 percent of the national average. Statistics of this growing town show that there is a balance of male and female residents who are mostly married couples with a median age of 30. You’ll find that Kuna has great schools that focus on lifelong learning for its students and a range of fun activities for people who have varied interests.

Living here will give you the breathing room you need from the hustle of city life, with little to no traffic, noise, or crowds. You’ll be able to rest easy at night while still having the opportunity to check out the stars, and you’ll be able to check them out with a sky unobstructed by light pollution. With its mainly agricultural community, a lot of Kuna is farmland and offers some of the best views in Idaho. A few miles from Kuna is access to places like Boise State University, the College of Western Idaho in Nampa, and the Idaho State Treasure Valley campus.

The Western Heritage Scenic Byway is a great way to travel and chekc out what the city has to offer. It will take you to some of Kuna’s historic attractions and you’ll be able to explore to your heart’s content. One must-do trip to make is to the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. Free of charge, you’ll get to learn about the 485,000 acres that protect North America’s largest population of nesting raptors and other birds of prey, such as shorebirds, songbirds, and waterfowl. The best time to spot any of the 20 species of raptors here is from mid-March through June. Other birds you might see are wrens, Golden Eagles, hummingbirds, heron, quail, and nighthawk. In March you might catch eagle flight displays and in May you can experience a chick feeding. This is one of the main attractions in Kuna that is an interesting way to spend your afternoon.

In the summer, check out Swan Falls Dam and Park at the south side of the Snake River, where you might consider going fishing, getting on your bike or hiking the trails, or going bird-watching. It’s a beautiful area supplied with smallmouth bass and other different species of fish that will put your angling skills to the test. You’ll be amazed at the breathtaking canyon views you’ll get to discover here and can choose one of the designated campsites to enjoy the scenery by campfire light. Summer is also the ideal time to float down Indian Creek, a favorite swimming spot among locals. Grab a bike and head to the greenbelt to get some great exercise or practice your swing at one of Idaho’s top five golf courses, Kuna’s Falcon Crest Golf Course. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might decide to explore the Kuna Caves. Descend the ladder into the dark lava tubes that have a depth of 50 feet, and don’t forget to sign your name in the logbook at the north end of the cave!

The Kuna Farmers Market is a great place to buy locally sourced produce like fresh fruits and vegetables. It is open every Saturday from early May until the end of September. One of the most exciting things about Kuna is their annual 2-day Kuna Days Festival held the first week of August. There’s something for everyone here! You’ll get to enjoy live music, shop from vendors in the park, do arts and crafts, consider a taste test at the beer garden, race rubber ducks at Indian Creek, pig out at the fire station BBQ fundraiser, discover the street dancers, go to a carnival, check out the parade, and enjoy the dazzling fireworks show to top off your experience. You won’t want to miss the most exciting time of the year in Kuna, and it will give you a chance to connect with the locals and feel like a part of the community.

You can see all the reasons why people love Kuna, Idaho so much! With its farming traditions and deep roots in the world of agriculture, its friendly and loving residents, stunning views and exciting outdoor activities, it’s no surprise that Kuna has been growing at such a fast rate. If you’re searching for that small-town vibe with big prospects, settling down in Kuna would be ideal for you. You’ll find some of the best values in the real estate market here, along with a comfortable living and the potential to enjoy a big yard with your home. Kuna is the place to be if you are moving to Idaho!


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