Why Do So Many People Love Meridian, Idaho?


Meridian Idaho is a suburb of the capital city of Boise. In fact, the cities are so close together it’s impossible to tell where one ends and the other one begins. They have practically become one large city. However, Meridian can hold its own when it comes to activities and attractions. So many people love Meridian and are choosing to live there instead of Boise itself for a number of reasons. Between the options for dining, entertainment, and shopping, as well as the great cost of living, a lot of people are finding a love for Meridian.

There are a number of popular places for entertainment in Meridian. The most prominent is Wahooz Fun Zone, and its adjoining water park, Roaring Springs. Wahooz is “serious about fun!” It is an indoor and outdoor activity center with games, activities, and entertainment of all kinds designed specifically to provide a fun experience for every guest that comes through their doors. There are rides like you’d find at an amusement park. There’s the twister, for those that don’t mind twisting and spinning and lifting all at the same time. There’s a Frog Hopper, which is a 16-foot mini drop tower. You may also find the classic bumper cars, with a futuristic twist. Recently, they added an interactive ride, called the XD Dark Ride. This ride offers three different options of movies that are each four minutes long. You pick which one you and anyone with you want, then sit in one of the 8 seats. You then choose to blast away at werewolves, alien robots, or rogue cowboys. When the curtains close, and the movie starts you are sucked into a 7D interactive experience. Between the 3D glasses, moving seats, and laser blast gun, every one is bound to have a memorable experience. Wahooz also boasts laser tag, a laser maze challenge, mini golf, go-karts, an entire bowling alley with 24 lanes, and a full arcade with every classic and brand-new game you can imagine. There is something for everyone at Wahooz.

Wahooz is open year-round, but it’s neighbor, Roaring Springs, is not. They start opening in May, but only during weekends, then the last week of the month they open every day through the summer, though the hours may vary depending on the day and what events they are having. This water park has all of the water fun you could want in one place. There are water slides that vary in levels of excitement from fun to thrilling to terrifying. There is a huge wave pool, an endless river for relaxation, and even a “Bearfoot Bay” so the little ones can experience the water fun too.

Another prominent landmark in Meridian is The Village at Meridian. The Village is a huge outdoor shopping and dining experience on the corner of Eagle Rd and Fairview Ave that looks like it came straight out of Southern California. The Village offers dozens of shopping and eating options, as well as activities. You can find fashion stores like Buckle, Anthropologie, or Charming Charlie. There are also home stores such as Marshalls, Pier 1, or Sur la Table. If you go on the second floor above the H&M, there is even a full Axiom gym. If you’re hungry, you have plenty of options from all kinds of food; Mexican, pizza, burgers, you name it. In the center of the Village is a courtyard called Fountain Square which is home to a world-class show fountain. Just like the famous Bellagio, but a bit smaller, this fountain has a show every hour with water and lights that are choreographed to music. Across from the gorgeous fountain is the Village Cinema where you can check out all the latest movies. Some theatres even have special VIP21 access where you may order drinks and food right from your seat!

One more great activity found in Meridian is the Children’s Museum of Idaho. This museum is designed as a hands-on learning experience for young children, especially ages 2-8 years old. Their exhibits are all interactive to get kids excited about learning. Meridian is also home to a lot of great parks, like Storey Park. This park is 19 acres with baseball diamonds, picnic areas, and a playground. This is a popular spot for everyone to spend some time and get some fun exercise in. Meridian has several parks like this one scattered throughout the city. Fun little spots like these are part of what people love about Meridian.

Besides the fun things to do in Meridian, there are some practical reasons that are attracting people to the area. In general, of the cities in the Boise area, Meridian has a good cost of living comparatively. The overall index for the cost of living is 2.1% lower in Meridian than Boise. The biggest factor in the cost of living is the price of a house, and Meridian’s homes are, on average, a lower price than homes in Boise if you’re comparing houses with the same square footage and amenities. Meridian is still growing a ton. There are neighborhoods and apartment complexes constantly being built, ready for the huge influx of people choosing to move to Meridian. Also, a good chunk of the Meridian city limits is close to the freeway, so if you live in Meridian near the freeway, but you work in Boise, your commute is not any worse than if you lived in Boise.

The Boise area is the fastest growing area in the United States right now. A huge factor of that statistic is the movement to Meridian, Idaho. The city of Meridian is a beautiful new city with a fresh look. There are so many things to do in Meridian, and the cost of living is slightly lower than Boise itself. These circumstances are what is attracting people to Meridian or Boise and why they love it so much.








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