10 "Must Have" Reasons to Buy a Home in Boise Idaho

Top 10 Reasons why Boise
 may be the best move you ever made! 

boise-depot-5_400Are you considering a move to Boise?  Have you fallen in love with our incredible outdoor lifestyle, friendly community, and outstanding quality of life?  Is buying a home in Boise right now a good idea? Well, it just may be the best time EVER!  Here are 10 really good reasons why it can be the best decision you ever made. We actually came up with hundreds but decided to condense the list to just 10. 


Top 10 Reasons why Boise
may be the best move you ever made. 

10.  The BoiseAirport.  Seriously, have you ever flown into Boise?  It is so pleasant compared with other airports in the country.  It is just easy.  Granted it is not always perfect but it is rarely crowded, people generally are not rude, and the weather cooperates most of the time.  The airport has undergone several expansion projects and has more in the pipeline to best serve the needs of the community.

9.  BoiseStateUniversityThis is not because we have blue turf and a very successful football team (but it sure makes Saturday afternoons exciting!).  Boise State is right smack in the middle of downtown Boise and adds to the creative and diverse atmosphere of downtown.

8.  Boise’s Climate.  The weather is moderate here, and can actually be a little boring.  There is a lot to be said for a high desert climate.  Yes, we have storms, rain, snow and wind but we are not known for our extreme weather.

boise-greenbelt-2_4007. Boise’s GreenbeltKnown as Boise’s best treasure, the greenbelt is over 25 miles of tree-lined pathway along the beautiful Boise River.  It is a popular running, walking, and biking path to enjoy wildlife and connects the city’s beautiful parks and it runs right through the heart of downtown.

6. Bogus Basin Ski Resort.  Located just 16 miles from downtown, Bogus Basin offers very affordable season ski passes for great fun.  You can get off work at 5 and be on the chair lift by 6 for some incredible nighttime skiing.  Wow!

5. Lucky PeakLake Reservoir.  Over 12 miles long, just east of Boise, it is the summer playground with abundant boating, wakeboarding, swimming, fishing, and camping opportunities.

4. Ridge to Rivers Trail System.  There are over a 100 miles of some of the best trails for mountain biking, and hiking, with scenic view overlooking downtown.

boise-home-47_4003. Great Options  Boise real estate has so many different housing options.  Whether you want to live in the historic North End, in the Foothills with a to-die-for view of downtown, on the river and fish from your backyard, or on acreage with a little elbowroom, you can find it within minutes of downtown.

2. Inexpensive Cost of Living.  Boise real estate prices have dropped significantly in the last few years making Boise homes even more affordable than ever.  Costs such as electricity, food, entertainment, clothing, parking, are below than the national average.

And the drum rolls, please…

downtown-boise-1_4001.  An Amazing and Vibrant Downtown.  Whether it is to have an incredible meal at one of Boise’s fabulous restaurants, go club hopping on Saturday night, go to the Shakespeare Festival and picnic under the stars, catch a Broadway show, go to the Boise Art Museum, you can do it all in downtownBoise.  For a city of around 200,000 people, Boise has an amazing downtown core and is great fun to just to hang out with your friends. 

Boise has been on several “best” lists in the last few years and there is no wonder why.  Buying a home in Boise can just be the best move you ever made! 

Kevin Hughes

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