Why Build New: Escape Competition

Why Build New

Are you tired of fighting all the multi-offer battles to get into an existing home?  In today’s market this is a new reality, but you don’t have to try to beat other full price offers--you can go in a different direction where you are in control. This is an especially good time for building Boise new homes rather than buying an existing home, here’s why:

Low Inventory

Not only can it be frustrating to search and search for the right existing home and not find one, it costs you time and money.   There are usually about twice as many homes on the market, but with many homeowners under water less are able to put their home up for sale.  This creates more competition, drives prices up, and allows for less variety and options for homebuyers in every price range.  Say you want a house with a pool in a certain school district, likely, you could have found it a few years ago, but there either isn't one for sale or it will be very hard to get today.  Why limit yourself, when you can get just what you are looking for in Boise new homes.

Building in Boise

interior_kitchen4_sm_300When building Boise new homes was a bit more popular, price for construction and lots was more expensive.  Today, builders are making it possible to buy a new home for close to the same price as an existing one and they take little time to construct.  This assures that you will get the home with the price, location, features, and timing that you are looking for.  You won’t have to be unsure when to put your home on the market or anything else about your housing situation.  Boise new homes give you the chance to customize everything--carpet, door handles, cabinets, and more.  Simply put, it’s impossible to find an already built home that has exactly what you want; though it’s completely believable, even expected, that you will do so in your new construction home.  Additionally, builders specialize in constructing homes in a certain location and price range, so even lower-end buyers can find a great builder for them.  

The median home value in Ada County began rising in 2012 and continues to climb nearly every month.  So, this is an unprecedented time to build a home for thousands less than it could cost in a couple months or years.  By buying Boise new homes while they still are very inexpensive, you should see your Real Estate purchase appreciate, making you money just from your good buying decision.  Get pre-qualified for a home loan to see how much home you can buy.  Talk to a Hughes Group Real Estate professional to learn all you need to know about new home building.  They’ve sold many Boise new homes, and know the ins and outs well enough to give you peace of mind and confidence, even if you’ve never built before.  They will get you in touch with a suitable builder and, as your representative, they will walk you patiently and expertly through every step of the fun home building process.

As lots fill up and buying Boise new homes increases in popularity, this window of opportunity can diminish.  Homes today are built better than ever--up to date with today’s energy and construction standards.  2012, a year for small, but noticeable economic growth, is a wonderful time to begin building before it becomes too expensive.

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