Who let the dogs out… When you know it's time to fence your yard!

Boise HomeShould you fence your yard or not? Idaho property often includes large outdoor spaces, and many come with large yards. Many owners find that the large, open space is appealing to the eye without boundaries. However, others prefer to have some sort of fence for a variety of reasons.

The choice to purchase a property with a fence or build one on an existing property comes with many considerations, not the least of which are building codes and construction rules for specific counties. Fence height, type, and material will depend on the purpose of the fence and what the consumer is looking for.

Why Choose a Fenced Backyard?

When choosing a whether to build a fence, customers must take into consideration a number of factors including:

  • The purpose of the fence-Fence height and material-Expense
  • Dogs are a common reason for installing a fence on a Boise property. While most small and medium-sized dogs will be kept in by a typical three-foot fence, larger breeds might require higher fences.
  • Residents with children may also find that a fence is necessary both for safety and peace of mind.
  • Privacy fences are a growing trend in residential areas with properties that are close to each other. Common in suburban Boise homes, privacy fences are generally over five feet tall and built of wood. The key is to strike a balance between maintaining privacy and creating an appealing aesthetic.

Common Fence Options

A variety of fences are available on the market. Chain link fences are practical and cheap, but may look dated to some residents. Picket fences have a classic look, while split-rail fencing is becoming more fashionable. Even fences built specifically for pools are available, and will typically be made of a cheap and durable vinyl. When the goal of the fence is not to keep something in but to simply appeal to the eye and establish a boundary, hedge fences are a nature-friendly option.

Idaho Unfenced ParadiseFence Installing Basics

There are a variety of contractors available to build fences on Idaho property. Most will offer an estimate depending on the size and intricacy of the job. They generally charge by the foot, with chain link fences being the most cost-effective and more ornamental fences being more expensive. If establishing yard boundaries is the main goal of the fence, a cheaper material and smaller fence will generally be more cost-effective. Pool fences are a mid-range cost per foot, but will generally cover smaller area, thus reducing expense.

Building a fence takes time and careful planning. City and county guidelines for construction must always be noted, as the homeowner is responsible for ensuring a project's legality. Once a fence is built, however, it can provide years of low-maintenance decoration and privacy.

So whatever your preference is for your outdoor space, options are available and easy to install. You can make your Boise property your dream home with the right type of boundary designating your paradise in Idaho. Check out today's new listings to find a home already established with your ideal fencing.

Kevin Hughes

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