Who Employs Boise Residents?


Knowing who provides the jobs in the area  is interesting information for Boise Idaho residents and out-of-state individuals looking to move to the valley.  Jobs obviously are a very important part of every person’s lifestyle, and many seek to move to the Boise Idaho area, but have not yet found employment in their field.  Luckily, Boise is where the bulk of the jobs in Idaho are found, especially on the higher end.  Boise’s economy is thriving, partly because of its diversity.  According to M.B.A.-Today, the top ten employers in the Boise Idaho region are as follows:

1. Micron Technology, Inc.                         9,500 employees
2. Saint Luke's Regional Medical Center   4,250 employees
3. Hewlett-Packard Company   4,000 employees
4. J.R. Simplot Co.   3,800 employees
5. Albertson's   3,800 employees
6. Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center   3,373 employees
7. Boise State University   2,895 employees
8. DirecTV   1,400 employees
9. Wal-Mart   1,200 employees
10. Fred Meyer   1,200 employees

downtown_boise_sm_300Not only should those who want to move here look at these businesses to seek employment, but those who live currently in Boise should support these businesses since they employ so many local residents.  Boise Idaho is an up-and-coming small city with a hot market, so many businesses are looking at the area or have already opened stores.  Boise Idaho has been ranked as a top location to start a business in many national outlets--another reason it is so great to live in the Gem State.

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