Who are the largest employers in Idaho?


If you’re looking to move to Idaho and you’re interested in what business and institutions have a large influence in the state, or even if you already live in Idaho would like to know more about your state or find out what kind of job opportunities are available, have no fear. Idaho is home to a rich and diverse market of different companies. A unique job at any level is just around the corner with anything ranging from a tech job to hospital work.

There are a few kinds of employers that can be found in every state. Hospitals, healthcare centers, and higher education schools are everywhere, and Idaho has hundreds of them. In Treasure Valley alone, there are at least three major colleges and universities, and uncountable small and large medical facilities.

In every list of the largest Idaho employers, Boise State University sits comfortably towards the top. It is a massive school, last year boasting an enrollment of almost 24,000 students. Most are physically on campus, though a large part are totally online as well. All of these students, including the ones online, require an enormous staff to provide what they need, and that includes more than just teachers and professors. Information technology is also very important on a university campus, and unskilled labor related jobs abound. The university employs quite a few of its students as well. Because of its size and the importance Americans place on higher education, BSU has a great deal of influence on the city of Boise and Idaho as a whole. Like any university, it gets help from the government and acts on interests outside of pure education. It is a force to be reckoned with in Idaho, both as an employer and as change maker.

The other universities that frequently make it onto the top lists should come as no surprise to native Idaho residents. The University of Idaho, Brigham Young University-Idaho, and Idaho State University all have a hefty presence in the state and employees numbering in the thousands.

There’s some debate as to which business is the largest in Idaho, but that is probably impossible to determine with the fluctuation of employees coming and going. Two of the major competitors for the top spot are St Luke’s Regional Medical Center and Micron Technology Inc.

St Luke’s isn’t so much a hospital as a health system, spread all over Idaho with its primary building being located in Boise. Several different medical centers are operated under the banner of St Luke’s, specializing in all kinds of different care. They employ a myriad of different kinds of doctors and nurses as would be expected for a hospital, thoguh with their diversity of care they also provide a spectrum of different services that require lots of different specialized jobs. St Alphonsus also fulfils a similar role in Idaho, though not quite on the same scale as St Luke’s. It’s still a large employer, but it doesn’t have more than 10,000 workers like St Luke’s. There are also more specialized medical services like the US Veterans Medical Center with 1,000 employees. You can rest assured, that if you’re looking for a job and you want to help people, you will probably find something very fulfilling. Institutions like these are also great for Idaho’s reputation, as they work hard to care for its residents, especially as St Luke’s espouses itself to be the only institution of its kind on Idaho that is not for profit.

Micron Technology is a manufacturer of memory based computer components. They produce solid state memory drives, flash memory, and random access memory sticks. Currently, they are advertising the use of their products in a NASA satellite array. Micron Technology’s products have a wide range of uses, and they need lots of employees to make them. In fact, they currently have around 8000 people working for the Boise based company. IBM also has a fairly large presence in Idaho, and HP, one of the world’s largest desktop and laptop computer manufacturers, has a serious base in Idaho as well. All of these different tech companies create competition and add some diversity to the states’ tech markets.

Then there are the more obvious large employers in Idaho. Something would be wrong if Walmart wasn’t near the top of the list. With all the different endeavors Walmart has its sights on, it’s to be expected that they would have lots of employees in Idaho, working at more than just the standard supermarkets. Walmart also has thousands of jobs in the back end of their business, getting their goods where they need them and all the other hundreds of things that make sure a Walmart store won’t go without what it needs. Similar companies operating in Idaho are Winco And Albertsons, serving as some of the largest competition for Walmart and other big grocery companies.

The government and military are also huge employers in the state. The Department of Health and Welfare has around 2,000 employees, and of course the Idaho Department of Transportation has a thousand of its own workers. Both fulfill important roles in the various communities that exist inside Idaho. Mountain Home Air Force Base is also among the largest employers in Idaho. Of course, most of the people working on the base are military, but there are still quite a few civilian jobs available. The military needs a lot of work done, and not all of it can be done by soldiers and their officers.

Idaho isn’t one of the most populous states in the country, but despite that, it still has a very large and varied job market. Lots of different companies sit at the top of the employment charts and there are chances to get into any one of them doing nearly anything you can imagine. There is a lot to Idaho, even when it comes to something as basic as its businesses. Check out some of them for yourself. I haven’t listed nearly all of that there is in the state.




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