Which Home fits You the best?

Single-Family HomesBefore moving to Idaho you should be aware of the many different types of homes available. Regardless of your situation, a potential homeowner should shop around for the correct type of property.

Not all types of residential properties are the same. There are key differences and categories on the market, and purchasing the wrong one can lead to buyer's remorse. One of the most successful ways to begin is to identify into which category a buyer fits. 

To help in the house hunt, a potential homeowner should identify which home seems to suit their lifestyle.
  • Single-Family
  • Single-Family with Acreage
  • Condo
  • Townhouse
  • Mobile
Single Family and Single Family with Acreage
Many Idaho homes fit into one of these two categories. Single-family homes are detached homes that generally have only one family living in it. These homes usually have their own land and can be found in many parts of the United States, not just Idaho. These types of homes are desirable because they are often grouped into suburbs. The nature of single-family homes allows for comfort and privacy while still maintaining a sense of community.

Single-family with acreage homes are similar to the previous category, but often have significantly more property. These sort of homes are found all over the rural parts of Idaho, and can constitute farmland. However, despite the large property size, these homes will also still have only one family (consisting of one person or more) living on them.

Condos, Townhouses and Mobile Homes
Boise, Idaho is popular for condos and townhouses, as these types of homes are generally found in cities. Condos often involve sharing space with others. Each resident owns part of the condo, with shared spaces such as hallways are common. Condos are priced less according to their size and more according to their location.

Townhouse HomesTownhouses are similar to condos in that they are also owned by individuals, but constitute a series of connected houses where each resident has their own roof. Some one looking to move to Idaho can often start off and do well in townhouses and condos.

Mobile homes are perhaps the lowest price range of the options on this list. Mobile homes are small, but are advantageous due to their price. They are generally not fixed on a foundation and are often grouped together into communities. These are perfect for individuals who may be working on a smaller budget. 

Taking time to assess your specific property needs will better position you to look at those that are a perfect match during your search.

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