Where to Vacation in Idaho


A lot of people tend not to think of Idaho when they are putting together vacation plans. Generally, for no particular reason other than they do not know anything about it or have possibly heard a joke or two about potatoes, it just is not in the back of their minds as an option. However, this is something of a travesty, as Idaho is a fantastic place if you want to spend a few days to a couple of weeks relaxing and taking in some sights. It really has a lot to offer, especially if you are someone who finds joy in the outdoors and wants to check out or do something that you find fulfilling. Idaho is an outdoor paradise that also manages to come with a lot of civilization where you can take a break from the wilderness if you are feeling that need. So, if you are looking for a place to go for your next vacation and are not fully bent on going to a particular place that is not Idaho, allow me to enter my recommendations for a few different places within Idaho that might scratch your itch for adventure or fun. What follows are some of the best places to vacation in Idaho.

The first place I am going to recommend that you visit is McCall, a town that is a good drive up north from Idaho’s capital of Boise. Now, McCall is a pretty small town that, on a surface level, does not have all that much going on, but that is really only during the warmer times of the year. When winter has set in, McCall tends to pretty much explode with activity, and most of that comes from skiing. McCall is a really big ski town, with a lot of the action concentrating around Brundage Mountain and the Brundage Mountain Ski Resort. This is one of the best places you can go in the state if you are looking for exciting skiing. It is even excellent if you have never been skiing before and need to learn. The Brundage Mountain Ski Resort caters to all kinds of skiing ability and you are probably going to have a fun time during any visit whether you have never seen snow in your life let alone skied on it or you are a master skier and snowboarder and know how to shred snow with the best of them. There are other wintertime activities to do while you are in McCall such as sledding with reindeer or attending a winter festival, but skiing is the major attraction for most people.

Of course, McCall is not the only place you should visit if you are searching for skiing or a resort style experience. These kinds of places are all over the map in Idaho, but one of the other ones that you should really check out is Sun Valley. Sun Valley is a town that is pretty much exclusively oriented to be a resort town and is probably one of McCall’s major competitors when it comes to skiing and wintertime fun. However, even when the snow is all melted, and the ski lifts are shut down, Sun Valley is still a fun place to be, especially if you like to hike and camp or do both. There are tons of hiking trails to wander through. You can get up into the mountains and come across wildlife in the dense forests that surround the town. Maybe you will come across a talkative tributary to a larger river or creek and try your hand at fishing. There is just a lot to do all across Sun Valley, though the wintertime is definitely the time to be there. Both McCall and Sun Valley are excellent places to spend a week or two skiing and doing other fun things.

Now, the first two places on this list have been a little bit more oriented towards the exciting spectrum of vacations. I want to move on now to something a little more relaxing, and that something would be Lava Hot Springs. There are hot springs all over Idaho, but most of them are not exactly the kinds of places you would spend a lot of time. You can consider a hike out to them and warm up, but there is not a lot to do after that. When you go to Lava Hot Springs, you are going to have a lot of infrastructure built up around the springs to make a long stay more worthwhile. There are your regular swimming pools and there is even a water park to let of some steam, but if you want the steam to stay with you and warm you up, there are the hot springs. You can soak in them for a while and forget life as the hours pass. This is also a really good destination if you need to get some work done. 

The last place I want to recommend that you visit is just the city of Boise, Idaho’s capital. This may seem like a boring place to be if you are searching for an escape for your vacation, but it really is not. There are tons of things to do within the city and outside it as well. Idaho is somewhat well-known for its museums (Though it should be more well-known) and a lot of those are concentrated in the Boise area. There is the World Center for Birds of Prey where you can check out a bunch of different endangered birds and take part in conservation efforts to save them, and then there are just a hundred things to do in the city that will be a lot of fun and make any vacation worthwhile.

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