Where is Boise Idaho?

boise-foothills-4_400If you’re considering relocating to a remote, yet not-so-remote place, you may want to add Boise, Idaho to your list.

Where is Boise, Idaho? -Geographically

The location of Boise is in Ada County, in the southwest corner of the state. It is on the Boise River and has the honor of anchoring several key suburban areas, including Meridian, Nampa, and Eagle. The city experiences cold winters and beautifully mild summers, and enjoys a full four seasons throughout the year. The summers are warm and dry, and some summers have been known to be sizzling hot during the day — but, fortunately, because of the semi-arid climate, Boise gets nice and cool during the evenings of even a high-heat day. It’s not unusual to see Boise nightlife in the summer wearing sweaters.

Where is Boise, Idaho? -Metaphorically

Boise is the 104th largest city in the United States, which gives it a dual advantage. It has all the cultural and creature comforts that city-dwellers want and need, but is not so large that you feel lost in the city. The people are friendly, like a small town, but without the issues that sometimes accompany small towns (gossip, inconvenient store and shop hours, etc.).

Where is Boise, Idaho? -Technologically

Idaho is growing technologically, and Boise is the hub of major technology jobs. One of the areas largest employers is Micron, for both businesses and consumers. Micron boasts DRAM modules, NAND Flash, NOR Flash, and many other important boosters for networking.
Technology doesn’t stop there for Idaho — many different fields of employment can be enjoyed in Boise, including jobs in Bioscience/Bio-Tech, Software, Hardware, and alternative energy sources.

Where is Boise, Idaho? -Economically

Economically, Boise is growing. With technology jobs of all kinds, and relocating to the area becoming a popular thing, Boise is ready for even more economic growth. The cost of living is quite a bit lower than the US national average index of 100 — it is currently at 92.1.
With green jobs in demand, and agricultural technology always at the forefront for the area, Boise is lucky in that it can continue to expect steady growth, that can often weather difficult times of an up-and-down economy throughout the nation.
So if you’re looking for a place that’s got a pleasant, “down-home” feel to it, while still having access to the creature comforts of a city, get to know where Boise, Idaho is at — chances are, you’re a great fit for the city.

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