Things to do When it Gets Cold

Idaho can get some pretty cold temperatures in the winter, especially in the mountainous areas. Most of the time, with the cold, comes snow, which is the ideal canvas for those that love winter sports. Winter sports are a popular pass-time in Idaho. There are a lot of great winter sports destinations, as well as well as other non-sporty activities to do when the temperatures drop. Bogus Basin is an incredibly popular place to go for a day of winter sports in the Boise area. It makes for the ideal location because it is only minutes away from the Boise area. This makes it easy to do a quick day-trip for skiing instead of planning a longer trip of several days to somewhere further away, which is more expensive and less convenient. Bogus Basin, or just “Bogus” if you’re local, doesn’t just have your basic downhill skiing sites. It also offers other fun activities like snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and a hill specifically for snow tubing.

If skiing is what you’re in to, Sun Valley is another great option. Sun Valley is a famous spot in northern Idaho. The resort opened its slopes in 1936 and is known for having the very first chairlifts in the world. Ever since opening day, celebrities can often be seen taking advantage of the beautiful snow-powdered hills. Movie stars like Arnold Swartzenegger and Tom Cruise even have homes in the nearby town of Ketchum. If you’re not into the sports option, Sun Valley still has plenty of other things to do. You can relax in spas, shop at local boutiques, or check out their new bowling alley. There is also a year-round ice rink you can visit and several venues for entertainments and concerts. Like downhill skiing, cross-country skiing is also popular in Idaho. In McCall, Idaho there is a beautiful unique cross-country skiing destination. It is called the Blue Moon Outfitters and is tucked in right on the shore of Payette Lake. Guests here get to stay in yurts. A yurt is a large cabin-like room designed in a circular shape. Yurts were originally made from skins or felt on a collapsible wood frame. This particular resort is known specifically for their nighttime cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Between the remote location, and the sun setting so early, conditions are ideal here for a stunning view of the stars at night. The experience can almost be described as magical and breath-taking. To make the experience even more unique, guests are served an authentic gourmet ethnic meal served in a dining yurt. This will be an amazing and extremely unique experience that you’ll be talking about for a long time.

McCall has many other activities that Idahoans love to participate in during the cold winter months. The McCall Winter Carnival, which began in the ’60s, is a huge celebration of winter. It is common for the festivities to bring an extra 60,000 people to the small town to participate in the lake games and sports, watch the local parade, and view the hundreds of larger-than-life snow sculptures that line the streets. Going to visit hot springs is another popular winter activity in Idaho. There are a lot of hot springs you can visit locally for a day visit or ones that have accompanying hotels or resorts that you can stay at for a relaxing cozy winter weekend. One such location is the Burgdorf Hot Springs, a little north of McCall. You can rent one of their quaint cabins and spend two or three days soaking in the mineral hot springs. During the winter the extremely isolated location of the Burgdorf Hot Springs can only be accessed by snowmobile. There are plenty of hot springs that can be reached by other more common modes of transportation. Some springs like these have cabins or hotels to stay in, but a lot don’t. These are ideal for a quick day-trip if you don’t want to stay away from home for long. Similarly, winter camping is another common activity for Idahoan outdoor lovers.

One popular destination for winter camping is Island Park, Idaho. This park is located on the very eastern edge of Idaho right next to Yellowstone. They have beautiful cabins you can stay in and amazing trails that you can explore via ski, snowshoe, or snowmobile. There is a fairly new winter sport that is starting to take off in Idaho. It is snowkiting. Snowkiting is a thrill sport using a kite and skis or snowboards. Idaho is the ideal state for this sport because it has so many different types of terrain throughout the whole state, and depending on your level of skill, snowkiting can be done on any of those terrain types. Anything from a large field to a steep mountain is fair game as long as the land is cleared. You mount your skis or snowboard and use a large kit and the wind to propel you through the land. Since the sport took off in about 2000 you can find kites that are specially designed to handle the harsh conditions of winter, like the extreme cold and simultaneous wind.

Right now, snowkiting is the fastest growing winter sport in the world. There are definitely residents in Idaho who don’t enjoy the winter sports scene. There are still plenty of things for you to do if you fall into that category. There is an entire series of museums in the Boise area that are great to visit, and perfect if you want to stay out of the cold temperatures, but not be stuck in your home all day. There is the Boise Art Museum, Basque Museum and Cultural Center, Idaho State Museum, the Old Idaho Penitentiary, and many others. These are all run by the Boise Museum Association, and are great opportunities to learn about the culture of Idaho. The Discovery Center of Idaho is another great spot in Boise to visit if you want a fun day out of the cold. The Discovery Center is especially fun for the youth and children who are eager to learn. It gears its extremely hands-on exhibits towards young minds and is frequently science related. The winters in Idaho can seem long and can get quite cold, but that doesn’t stop the people from enjoying themselves. There’s no reason to stay cooped up at home when there is so much to do. If the outdoors is where you want to be there are countless destinations and activities that will help you embrace the cold and snow. If you’d rather stay inside, there are plenty of places to visit that will be fun and educational at the same time. Between sports, exhibits, and festivals there is plenty to do in Idaho during the winter.


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