What’s Waiting in the Future of Home Development?


Everything Touch Screen

When most people think of the future, you may think of hover cars, android maids, or even teleportation. If you ever saw Disney’s Tomorrowland, your view of the future might be of large clunky robots or rocket ships. But, the future is probably different from what you have previously imagined. Modern engineers and architects, along with technological geniuses are planning and scheming up many many different things for our future. Some of it isn't as off the wall as you might expect.

The world has been forever changed by the invention of the touch screen. With the path that we are on, everything will be touch screen soon, which is exactly what Microsoft is working on. There have been plans, or rather dreams of making a home that is completely electronic and manipulable. In the Microsoft labs, there is a room that is designed how they believe the future home will be designed like. Some of the ideas that are particularly interesting were first, the picture frames. With a programmable set of photos and display time, your picture frames can easily become a wall mounted picture slideshow.

TVs will also have touch screen capabilities; this won’t be for channel changing since that would defeat the purpose of the remote control, but for using your TV for other projects or games. As these new advancements come forward, you will be able to do things with your television that you couldn't possibly have imagined.

Kitchen counters seem the most unlikely place for a touch screen, but that is also coming. With the use of a projection touch surface, you can view your favorite cookbook or instruction manual, without the risk of it getting damaged.

Now the home isn't the only place where touch screen usage will be expanded; the workplace will also be another frontier for them to conquer. Conference rooms walls will be dominated by large screens for displays and project planning. Work stations will also have large-- almost to four feet long-- touch screens for working. Projected touch screens-- much like the kitchen counters and Smart-Board technology used in schools-- will be available for team collaboration and team meetings.

As cool and high tech as touchscreens everywhere seems, it is still far off. In the future that is closer at hand, there are some amazing and practical ideas coming to the table. The first is the hot fridge. This gadget is an addition to the ice and water dispensers that are on almost every fridge now. What is different is the fact that the hot fridge dispenses-- well-- hot water. This way you have one convenient place for your cold and hot beverages.

Other advancements include USB ports in the wall, miniature generators, smokeless fireplaces, and even elevators. These may seem to be far-fetched as well, but they are on their way to the housing market. Developers are coming up with more and more ideas like these everyday to make the lives of homeowners easier and more enjoyable.

With the shortage of fuel and natural resources, developers and designers have been working to always make your home work better. That is why efficiency is another thing that has been deeply studied and has been taking into account as they have been creating their new home ideas.

In order to efficiently control and manage the climate and temperature in your home, there are many different kinds of smart thermostats. These devices memorize your preferences in different times of the day so they automatically adjust to your settings. They also have features where the thermostats read the weather reports and compensate for the change in temperature outside. That way, if your home is set for a warm temperature and a bizarre warm front rolls in, it won’t waste your energy and turn the temperature down automatically.

When it comes to energy and water conservation, there are several different ideas: like roll out and stick solar panels for your roof. These would replace older, bulkier models making it easier to use and purchase. There are also ideas to use waste from your water and turning it into energy.

Although we haven’t gotten quite as far as all of the imaginations that designers can come up with, progress is consistent. Many homes here in the Treasure Valley are already being built and renovated to accommodate for these changes. The future is practically at our doors. Though it is unsure what the future will bring, there will always be something new and exciting for you and your home around the corner. To see some of the amazing houses available in Boise, and the rest of the Treasure Valley, visit: buyboiserealestate.com/boise-real-estate.php.




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