What You Should Know About Home Staging

A Home Ready To SellHome staging, although not really a new practice, has been growing in popularity. Whether the new found sales tool is more popular due to the numerous television shows that are focusing on the subject, or because of the poor economy One thing is for sure; communities in Idaho are enjoying the fresh new ideas that home staging have to offer. In addition, home sellers are taking pleasure in the additional sales offers it can create.

What is home staging?
Home staging is the process of preparing a home for the best possible sales price, by creating a look home buyers will be drawn to. Home staging often includes such things as painting, cleaning, landscaping, and either rearranging the furnishings, or even in some cases, renting or borrowing better suited furnishings. Some sellers even purchase new furnishings for staging, and then take the new items to their new home.

Professional Home Stagers or Do-it-Yourself?
While many people decide to stage their own home, some home sellers prefer to hire professional home stagers. Many times, professional homestagers will continually study the housing market; frequently touring open houses, and watching for characteristics that seem to be the most appealing to buyers, the most popular styles, favorite colors, and most welcoming furniture arrangements in order to bring the most buyer offers. Since housing trends are constantly changing, it can be an on going battle for home stagers to stay on top of the newest home fashions.

Sellers who would rather stage their own homes can obtain wonderful ideas from walking in the footsteps of the professionals. Sellers want to be able to picture their own belongings in a home. The use of neutral colors, natural light, and less personal decor can really make a difference in attracting most buyers. Also, remembering that less is more, and applying this motto to the walls, furniture, and other decor can make a space feel bigger, which will also attract more buyers.

Update Your InteriorWith the current housing market often being referred to as a "buyer's market", Idaho real estate is an excellent example of where home staging would be a welcomed tool. There are many homes for sale in Idaho at the moment, and if a seller in that area wants a quick home sale, he or she must present a home that is unique from other properties. This is where home staging can become the most important tool to assist the seller in closing a sale. Another home nearby with most of the same basic features might sell for much less than a similar home with home staging applied. Buyers will often see new ideas in the same floor-plan, opening the door for more opportunity.

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