What to do in McCall


If you are from Idaho or have a passing knowledge of the state, then you are probably aware that the Treasure Valley and Boise area are the largest population centers in the state. Of course, as is only natural, this does not mean that the Treasure Valley holds all there is to do in the state. People travel all over the state to find different sources of fun in the outdoors. One of those sources of fun is McCall, which is not very far from the Treasure Valley, only a few hours north of the area. This city is a big concentration for tourism in the area, and people come from all over the country and world to take in the sites or take part in some of the activities that you can only do in McCall (Well, you can do them elsewhere, but McCall is one of the best places and is unique in some ways). So, what is there to do in McCall?

The big thing people go to the city for is skiing. There is a mountain there called Brundage Mountain that makes for some great skiing. At the Brundage Mountain Resort, you can set up for a few days and ski during the mornings or afternoons and then relax at night at the resort or in the city. There are slopes for all different kinds of skill levels as well. If you are an experienced skier and know what you are doing, just have at the more complicated slopes and enjoy your time on the mountain. If this is your first time out and need to just learn on the bunny slopes, that is also not a problem. There is something for everybody, so have no fear of getting to the resort and not being able to do what you want to. Of course, Brundage Mountain is not the only place to go skiing (You can pretty much ski anywhere there is snow), but it is still a great setup. Go where you feel you need to go, but if you need structure, then the Brundage Resort is the way to go. Naturally, that also means the place can get pretty popular, so if you are looking for a more secluded option that does not cater to every audience, you can have a look around.

The other big reason people come to McCall to spend time is Lake Payette and Ponderosa State Park. If there is one thing Idaho does right, it is state parks. Further, Idaho has some of the best lakes and rivers in the country (In fact, it has more rivers than any other state. If you want rivers, come to Idaho). If you do not feel like skiing or if you are in McCall during the summer, when there is not any snow except way up in the mountains (If that), then the lake can be a huge source of different fun activities. My first recommendation is to bring or find a place that rents a boat. This can be motorized for the thrill of speeding across the water, but you might find an equal amount of fun in just grabbing a canoe or kayak and gliding from one end of the lake to the other. It is not an enormous lake, which means you can check out most of it in a short while, but it is also an absolutely beautiful location. The area around it is hilly and covered with forested land, and you can find all sorts of different kinds of wildlife and terrain features. You might even try your hand at sailing, which gives you an incredible feeling of mastery over the elements. There is nothing quite like catching the ideal gust of wind to blast yourself across a roiling surface of blue.

If you are feeling like doing something more relaxing. In that case, I recommend snatching up your fishing pole and going out to grab a fishing license. There are a bunch of different places along the lake or the rivers that feed into it where you can find some great fishing spots. Either stake yourself out a place on a secluded beach to take in the sun and maybe a few fish or delve deep into the forest to try every dark spot and calm area in the rivers that make the lake a lake, looking for fish taking a breather from the sun or strong current. Just make sure you do not forget that license. A nice day of fishing can be ruined if you go out illegally or catch and keep more fish than is lawful. You may also want to grab some golf clubs and play a full game of 18 holes by the lakeside in Ponderosa State Park itself. Get some healthy competition going and try to sink some hole in ones.

There is also plenty to do in McCall proper. If you have just had it with the great outdoors and want to spend some time inside, there are some great restaurants and museums to spend your time in. There is even an arcade if you want to spend some time in a virtual world. Once the day’s activities are done and you are really tired, there are plenty of different hotels or motels to pick from, including the Brundage Mountain Resort, though might I recommend something a little more rustic? Camping around the lake can be a lot of fun in of itself. If you need to use the resort to store your gear, that is probably best if you are skiing there, but if you are in the city during another time of year or not for skiing, simply set up a tent and spend the night in the outdoors.

There is a very good reason so many people are going to McCall. It is an absolutely magnificent part of the state with a wide variety of different activities in glorious Idaho land. It is nearly a paradise and can serve your vacation needs any time of year.

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