What Makes Idaho Special

Idaho tends to be a little out of the way for people and is not well known for the things that people usually like to do, especially if they are searching for something to do in a big city. Because of this, a lot of people might look at Idaho and think it is not worth visiting. Though many might not realize it, Idaho is a very special place and would do a lot to surprise when it comes to activities, events, destinations, and just things to do in general. Idaho may not be the first state on everyone’s mind and it may not be brimming with giant cities that make huge impacts on the country and world, but it still deserves consideration. But why? What does Idaho have that makes it special? Those of you who live in Idaho already know. For the rest of you, buckle up. I have a ride you are going to enjoy.

In the current time frame of our country, stability is very important. Things are not as difficult as they were a decade ago, but people are still frightened about the future and the possibilities of what can happen to them if things get just a little bit worse. If you are in need of stability, Idaho is one of the most stable places to be in the country. Basically, the standard of living all over the state is very good. The standard of living the isolated country towns is almost never substandard, though even the larger cities and more populated spaces of Idaho have a lot going them. The most population dense part of the state is the Treasure Valley with the city of Boise at its heart, and the capital and the different cities that make up a larger metropolitan area are all great places to live. The job market is fertile and wide open, housing is inexpensive and mostly available, and more often than not, things are not exceedingly expensive. Further, education opportunities abound Idaho abound. There are many higher education institutions that have great programs and reputations across the country and if you have kids in school, the Idaho primary education system is solid. If learning is something you need or want to do, Idaho is a great place for it.

However, while stability is important, it is not necessarily the reason people move there and it is certainly not the reason people choose to take vacations in Idaho. The chief reason Idaho draws tourists and the reason people fall in love with the state when they get there is its close connection with nature. Idaho is basically a natural wonderland. The southern half of the state can seem a little flat and mundane depending on what interests you, though some people choose to explore a bit further out. If there is a certain kind of natural feature that you like and want to check out, Idaho probably has what you're searching for. Idaho even has sand dunes. It might not seem like the kind of place to find a desert feature that would fit in the heart of the Sahara, but they are there nonetheless. Then there is every other American staple when it comes to nature. Mountains, forests, and plains all abound. Do not even get me started on rivers. Idaho has some of the best there are and has more mileage in river length than most other places in the world. The southern portion of the state has its own charms and the Snake River to keep you excited.

Of course, then you have what comes with nature. The wilderness is not a thing that you just check out at and take pictures of. It is a thing that most people get out into and take part in. There are a trillion activities to do in the Idaho outdoors that either cannot be done elsewhere are which are not as good in other parts of the country. Do you enjoy animals and wildlife? There are countless opportunities to discover and enjoy some of the most beautiful and majestic creatures on the planet. Do you love mountain air and the feeling you get when you're in the forest? Idaho offers some of the greatest hiking experiences one could ask for. Even if you are not as interested in the out of doors experience, Idaho is going to be a fun place to get to know the wild side of the world without getting too far from civilization.

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