What makes Idaho great?

If you know very many people from Idaho, chances are you have heard at least once or twice that it is one of the greatest places to be! It is not for no reason that people who live in or visit Idaho have so many positive things to say about it, as it is truly one of the most fantastic states to spend time in. A lot of the greatness of Idaho can be attributed to the gorgeous bits of nature and the vast amount of wilderness that can be found all across the large state. The great outdoors of Idaho provides so many wonderful activities, there are so many unique things to try, and the people you meet are sure to make you want to stay for a while.

Idaho residents and visitors alike participate in more outdoor activities than most other states in the country, and for plenty of good reasons! No matter what season of the year it is, great activities are available in order to have a blast no matter what the conditions outside may be like! During the summer season, the many miles of river in Idaho provides so many excellent outdoor opportunities. Whitewater rafting and kayaking, in particular, are extremely popular river adventures for many who take a venture into the Gem State. The middle fork of the Salmon River has some excellent rapids to venture down. If you are in for a really great adventure, the Snake River through Hells Canyon offers guided whitewater tours that can last anywhere from 3 to 5 days! Hells Canyon has some of the best waves that you could ever imagine (the biggest you can find in the Northwest!) and some breathtaking scenery as well. Not to mention, the entire state is ranked as the number 1 best state when it comes to whitewater rafting. A whitewater trip is all that it takes to turn a good summer into an absolutely unforgettable one!

For a more relaxed way to enjoy a summer afternoon on the water, take a raft, kayak, or even just an inner tube and float down the calm Boise River. A great place to start is at Barber Park, which offers a great rental place to borrow rafts or tubes from. If you bring your own, there are also free stations to fill your tubes with air. The 6-mile float (which lasts a relaxing 2-3 hours) ends at Ann Morrison Park, and from there you can take a shuttle back to your vehicle at Barber Park. If you need to relax on a summer afternoon but still want to enjoy the outdoors, give this little float a shot (Or check out one of the many other options on one of Idaho’s wonderful rivers!).

Another way to relax in Idaho outdoors year-round is to soak in one of Idaho’s many natural hot springs. These gems are dotted throughout the state, and if you are close enough to one (and chances are good that you are!), you are missing out on a great opportunity by not paying a visit! Popular hot springs around the state include Kirkham, Trail Creek, Pine Flats, Goldbug, and Krigbaum. If you haven’t experienced one of these neat little nature-made Jacuzzis, get a group together and go have yourselves a wonderful time (They are great when you are on a budget too, because you don’t have to pay a dime to spend time in any of these)!

There is no shortage of amazing summer activities that make the Gem State so wonderful, as in addition to these ideas, there are great places to paddleboard, swim, fish, hunt, mountain bike, horseback ride, and hike all over the state (all with the best scenery you can imagine)! Idaho is the best place to be for almost any outdoor activity you can imagine, so be sure to take advantage of that during your stay!

Another reason people love Idaho so much is that it isn’t just the summers that make it so wonderful, but the winters, too! In addition to some great snowshoeing and snowmobiling, Idaho has some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world, and few places are better for the popular winter sport than Sun Valley, Idaho. This ski resort is truly the place to go, especially if you are an avid skier. Famous people from all over the country have houses in this little Idaho town to suit their skiing and snowboarding needs! This place was a ski resort before ski resorts were even a thing (in fact, the world’s first ski lift was built there)! The slopes are in the perfect place to be covered with the best powder you can find, but still, have the ideal amount of sunlight! Sun Valley is truly an amazing place to be, but if it is a little far, don’t worry, there are various amazing ski resorts all around the Gem State! If you find yourself in Idaho during the winter, count yourself lucky!

Because of such a large amount of the state being dedicated to agriculture, local fruits and vegetables in Idaho are absolutely phenomenal! There are plenty of ways to obtain them, through farmers markets, local grocery stores, and more. Obviously, Idaho grows a lot of potatoes, which is what the state is most famous for (and for good reason, as they are the most delicious potatoes you can eat!). Idaho also grows many kinds of wheat, seeds, beets, and beans, that can all be purchased fresh no matter where you are. Another great commodity that can be found in various areas in the wild is delicious huckleberries, which are one of the tastiest fruits that can be found anywhere! They haven’t been able to be grown commercially, but many local stores have them and there are plenty of bushes in the mountains where you can pick some of your own!

Above all, the greatest thing about the Gem State is wonderful, friendly people. Whether you are in the big city or a small town, Idahoans are some of the nicest, friendliest people you can meet.

Hopefully, you now understand a little bit more about why Idaho is so awesome! Come and visit, you are sure to have a great and unique experience!









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