What Kind of House are You?

Did you know that properties houses and neighborhoods say a lot about the people who choose to live there?  Although it sounds kind of amusing, knowing what kind of house you identify with can really cut down on the amount of time you need to spend searching for those same properties houses and neighborhood communities later.  Take a few minutes to decide what style of house you recognize as one that fits your character from 4 predominant home styles found in the Boise, Idaho region.

Craftsman Homes

Sleek and timeless, Craftsman style homes are built from natural materials like real wood, stone and brick. There are many built-in elements as part of the architecture, and the light fixtures are often part of the home design. Craftsmanhomes feature a dominant fireplace in the living room as a symbol of the importance of home and provide a porch with thick round or square columns, low-pitched roofs, exposed beams, and an open floor plan.

Farmhouses house_double_story28_500

A Farmhouse does not necessarily apply to the style of the home as much as it applies to the function of the homes in this category.  Farmhouses have useful porches, large kitchens, and practical transitional areas that are more informal. Traditionally, farmhouses were built in agricultural communities; today, farmhouse properties houses and influences can be found in almost all rural neighborhoods in Idaho.   If you are looking for settings in the country so that you can move away from suburban life, the informality of a farmhouse might be a nice fit for you.

 Victorian Style

Although the history of Victorian homes is significant, today we are typically reminded of a “dollhouse” with bright colors and elaborate trim when we consider this style.  Because Boise is a historic community, this style of home is prevalent in the North End, near the city center.  They are two-or-three story homes with a wood or stone exterior, asymmetrical shape, and very decorative.  Victorian homes often boast ornamental, wrap-around porches and round or octagonal towers with pointed roofs.

French Provincial

The properties houses and communities that feature French Provincial characteristics will most likely be found in more suburban areas as opposed to the country.  French Provincial style depicts a roaring hearth, symmetry of design, brick exterior, and a steep-pitched roof.  They often have tall second-story windows with arched tops, and porches with substantial balustrades.

Have you picked a home-style that you gravitate towards?  All styles serve a unique purpose and appeal to different sections of the community.  And now that you know what kind of house you are, it is  time to consider purchasing it!  To find current listings for the properties houses or communities that you really want, click here.

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