What is the weather like in Boise?

Boise RiverYou’ve done your research, you’ve explored Idaho Real Estate options, and you’ve decided to move to your new home in Boise.  It’s a great choice—a beautiful, historic city where you will be welcomed with open arms.  You can’t wait to move.  You’re excited about the majesty of the views and the welcoming nature of the city.  It’s going to be a great new chapter in the lives of you.

But you might be wondering…what's the weather like in Boise?

All weather reports – and city dwellers – claim and experience very mild weather in Boise.  There are four distinct seasons, which are marked by the changing of leaves and the growing and flourishing of flora and fauna.  Boise is truly a beautiful city, and is not subject to the constant rain or coldness in the Pacific Northwest, or the frigid, windy weather eastern Idaho is known for.

Hot Air Balloon, Boise, IDOn the contrary, the weather is pleasant and very often mild.  Spring is mild, with temperatures advancing into the low 70’s by mid-spring.  Summers can get quite warm, though it is dry heat, and the warmest times aren’t until the last weeks in July and first weeks in August.  The days are long in the summer, staying light until almost 10:15pm, leaving plenty of time after work and on weekends for all those outdoor activities Idaho has to offer (check out our Boise area information page). You won’t be at a loss for sunshine in Boise, with an average of 120+days of sun per year!  Fall is also truly a wonderful time weather-wise, with temperatures in the 70’s in the evenings, perfect for sitting on the patio talking with friends and enjoying a beverage.  Winters are cold, but not frigid or unbearable by any means.  The average snowfall for the area is around 21 inches annually, so you can enjoy the snow, but rarely have to worry about more than a few inches in the valley at a time.  

All in all, the weather in Boise is classic American – four distinct seasons, postcard-worthy sights, and pleasantness without the driving rain or harsh winds of the Pacific Northwest.  It is a perfect area to enjoy the type of lifestyle you’re looking for. Check out today's new listings for your perfect Idaho home in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, and more.

Kevin Hughes

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