What is So Special About Idaho?

You might be asking yourself: “What is so great about Idaho? Why are so many people moving there these days?” You also might not be asking yourself that but let us assume that you are. Idaho is a pretty hopping place right now. A lot of people are making the decision to move to the Gem State and they are doing it for a variety of different reasons. Boise, the capital of Idaho, is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, and there is a very good reason for that. What is that reason? Why have I neglected to answer the original question I asked at the start of all of this? Allow me to rectify that by giving you a few answers that might shed some light on what makes Idaho such a special place.

Economically, Idaho is in a great spot. It was hit pretty hard by the housing crisis in 2008 just like every other part of the country (Or at least most other parts of the country) but it has since recovered and in a big way. Idaho is a great place to get a job. Whatever your field, the numbers of jobs available are pretty staggering. If you have recently been laid off or quit your job for whatever reason and you are in need of new employment, there is a good chance you will be able to find something in Idaho. You might think there is only one kind of job in Idaho, agriculture, but while you might have been right at one point of time, that has all changed. The tech industry is on the rise in Idaho. In fact, one of the largest companies in the state is a business that produces semiconductors, which are pretty ubiquitous in modern day technology. So, if you have a degree that is not in agriculture, you are probably going to be covered. Of course, if you are part of the agriculture business you are definitely going to be covered. Idaho may have diversified its businesses, but there are still a lot of farms and a lot of crops.

Ultimately, Idaho is a bastion of quality life that is inexpensive. There are probably nicer places to live, but they are going to be much pricier than you are willing to pay or that is worth paying for. There are places where life is cheaper, and a lot of things are very easy to buy, but you might not want those things because they are not up to the quality you expect. Idaho is the perfect middle ground. Of course, parts of the state are different than other when it comes economic prosperity and standard of living, but there are few spots where you will find yourself in a truly stagnant position. Most of the state is on the up and up, especially the population centers like Boise in the Treasure Valley. Figure out what housing is going to cost you and consider if it is in the right spot with other economic factors to benefit you.

But Idaho is not all business. In fact, when you get right down to it, very little of Idaho is business. The economy is in a good spot and the population centers are becoming more and more diverse and interesting, but there is a lot of open space in Idaho where there is no urbanization going on and you can see a lot of cool stuff. If people are not moving to Idaho because of the economic situation or because that is where their family is, they are probably moving there because of all of the beautiful wilderness. Nature is pretty boundless in Idaho and you have just about every kind of nature you could ask for. There are deserts, with both dunes and the more American desert you can see in other parts of the country. There are deep and dark forests with all kinds of interesting creatures to watch or hunt. And then there are the rivers. Oh my, there are rivers. Idaho is in contention for most rivers by length in the country. There are so many miles of different kinds of rivers and there are so many things you can do to enjoy those rivers at different times of the year. There opportunity to swim in those rivers and go fishing as well. You might boat on those rivers (Idahoans love rafting them). You may just sit by those rivers and watch them flow by. Whatever natural feature Idaho inspires you the most, there is no doubt that Idaho is a truly special place to be if you are a fan of the outdoors.

Idaho is also in a pretty useful geographic spot if you want to check out a lot of the surrounding area or the states that it borders. It shares a border with several other states, all of which have their own unique adventures to go on and fun to have. Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana each have a part of Yellowstone Park. The Pacific Coast is right next door as well. If the particular kind of wilderness or natural feature you are looking for cannot be found in Idaho. Chances are you can find it very close by. You can even hop on up to Canada if you want to visit a whole new country.

There are some very good reasons why Idaho is getting more and more popular. It still is not as big as some of the more famous and populous parts of the country and it never will be, but it is wending its way there. If you are still on the fence about whether or not Idaho is a great place to live, why not come by for a visit some time and try the state out. You will love it, I am sure.

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