What is a good size for your retreat—the master bedroom?

Every room in your new house is important.  Every room should be unique and suited to your needs; every room will have stories and memories.

You’ll want to choose carefully when deciding: How many rooms will you need? How big will you need them to be?  What kind of floor plan do you want?  As the owner of the home, you’ll want to decide: what is a good size for the perfect master bedroom?

As you’re thinking about this question, ask yourself a few things about you and also your future. Will you  need a haven in your home?  Do you need a separate area for dressing or do you like to have a sofa in the bedroom where you can read before bed?  Do you want a computer or television area set up in the bedroom? And what are you willing to pay to get the perfect size?

Though it is could be possible to find a range of sizes at different prices, the average master bedroom space increase is directly correlated with an increase in price. Approximate square footage average for master bedrooms per price range are: $0-$100K: 169SqFt(~13x13), $100K-$200K: 198SqFt(~14x14), $200K-$300K: 223SqFt(~15x15), $300K-$400K: 254SqFt(~16x16), $400K-$600K: 285SqFt(~17x17), $600K-$800K: 306SqFt(~17x18), and $800K+: 352SqFt(~18x19). Each price range on average has at least 1 more foot per wall wall. This can mean a great deal more space for all of your needs, but are you willing and able to pay the price?

As you look at various homes, pay attention to the size as well as the layout of the master bedroom. Sometimes a smaller room’s layout utilizes the space so much better, there’s no need to pay the extra cost. Consider your furniture and how you’ll want the room setup. Will you need to buy more or downsize what you have?  Think about the layout because, after all, it is your personal piece of solitude, the place you will call your retreat.  It’s your island amidst the chaos and your escape from the noise of your day, so choose wisely. Check out today's new listings and more to find your retreat!

Kevin Hughes

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