What Does Boise Idaho Have to Offer?


When I decided to move to the Boise area many years ago, I made a list of the "pros" and "cons" for moving to the Treasure Valley as opposed to other places in the country. The list was very lopsided in favor of the "pros." Now, over 15 years later, I understand why that was a smart choice. When it comes to Boise Idaho, there's no place like home. So make Boise your home. Call (208) 571-7145 to speak with an agent and to get started on your Boise homes search.

Top ten reasons to purchase your next home in Boise Idaho

10. Recreation areas are almost endless. Lakes, reservoirs, and rivers provide ample opportunities for fishing, boating, swimming, and waterskiing. In the winter months, the ski resorts are within one hour from Boise, and sledding is within minutes in the Boise foothills. Hunting is popular among Boise Idaho residents in the fall, and camping is also a short trip into the mountains.

9. Cost of living. Idaho's cost of living is the second lowest of the 11 western states and 12th lowest in the entire United States. These figures are based on utilities, health care, transportation, groceries, and housing costs.

8. Access to educational resources and institutions of higher learning. BSU, NNU, and other university extension sites are all within the Treasure Valley, and if not in Boise Idaho itself, within a short distance. Almost every city in Idaho with a population over 20,000 has a college or university within its limits.

7. Positive population growth means economic growth and a boost in property value. Since 2000, Boise has grown almost 70 percent in the last 20 years, as compared to the United States average at only 20 percent.

truss_bridge1_sm_300_026. Highway traffic is a breeze compared to most capital cities and their surrounding areas. With only 2 major highways—Interstate 184 and Interstate 84—to maneuver, it doesn't take long to figure out which route to take.

5. Weather. Boise Idaho is considered to be in the "banana belt," where 4 distinct seasons can be anticipated and enjoyed. Mild winters and warm summers add to the appeal of the Treasure Valley.

4. Home prices and value. Housing costs are moderate and affordable, with all kinds of variety in the surrounding communities. The median home value is $234,904 in Boise Idaho.

3. The opportunity to own acreage is an added bonus. While homes are being built almost on top of one another in neighboring states, Boise Idaho offers room to grow.

2. Home styles are diverse. The choice is yours: from modest cottages to executive estates, if you can dream it, you can build or buy it. Home styles are almost as diverse as the people who arrive to live in Boise!

1. Boise Idaho is a fantastic place to live. Low crime rates, great schools, and places to make memories all topped my list of essentials. It's a great place to call home!

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