What Do You Know About Idaho? Fun Idaho Facts

Gorgeous Boise SkylineFamous for the bounty of magnificent Idaho potatoes, gorgeous landscapes and natural resources, Idaho has much more than these to offer it's residents. While considering the purchase of a home in Idaho, it might be fun to discover some interesting facts. Explore everything you ever wanted to know about Idaho, and probably a little bit more.

Some of these fun facts are:

  • Hells Canyon, located along the border of Oregon and Idaho, is the deepest river gorge that is located in North America. Hells canyon is even 1/4 mile deeper than the Grand Canyon, measuring at 7993 feet.
  • The world's most dense population of nesting birds; including eagles, falcons, and hawks, reside in Idaho's Birds of Prey Wildlife Area.
  • Idaho City was once the largest town in the Pacific Northwest. Boise is Idaho's largest city now.
  • Caribou National Forest is not named for the massive caribou, but instead is named for the famous gold miner Cariboo Jack, whose real name was Jesse Fairchild.
  • The oldest building in Idaho is Cataldo Mission, which is located in North Idaho. This building is now located in Old Mission State Park in Coeur d'Alene.
  • Idaho City was developed by the gold mining rush in the 1860s.
  • Idaho is listed as the second lowest rank for cost of living out of the eleven western states.
  • The crime rate in Idaho is 21% lower than that of the national average.
  • Idaho contains more miles or river than any other state in the US at 3,100 miles.
  • Idaho became a state on July 3rd, 1890.The State Capitol in Idaho
  • The highest elevation point in Idaho is Mt. Borah, at 12,662 feet.
  • The lowest elevation point in Idaho is at Lewiston, Idaho, at 738 feet.
  • The state seal, which is included in the design of the state flag, was designed by Emma Edwards Green.
  • The Syringa is the state flower. It is a branching shrub that grows to approx. 12 feet and contains a number of white flowers.
  • The state bird is the mountain blue bird.The western white pine is the state tree.Idaho has a state horse.
  •  The Appaloosa became the state horse in 1975, due to the importance this horse had in the history of Idaho.
  • The motto if Idaho is "Esto perpetua" which means "It is perpetual" or "It is forever." The wild huckleberry is the state fruit.The state of Idaho covers an area of 83,557 miles.
  • Idaho is the top national producer of potatoes, trout, lentils, and Australian winter peas.

 Now you have trivia knowledge many Idahoan's do not know. Many of these facts are taught to the state's fourth graders in Idaho History. While not essential to know, these details help make Idaho what it is and now you know a little bit of Idaho too.

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