"Water" You Waiting for Jump On In!

Idaho's WaterBoise has all sorts of water activities for all, including: swimming, scuba diving, water skiing and boating. No matter if you find your home close to the lake or to the super soaked Roaring Springs water park there is plenty of water for everyone--even if its no more than getting your toes wet.

So to give you the most fun per gallon we want to share with you some of the hot spots closest to your Idaho home

Albeni Falls located in Oldtown, Idaho has fishing, swimming and camping facilities. There are showers, restrooms, drinking water and dumping stations. This area also has a launching ramp. This is an excellent location for trout fishing.

American Falls Reservoir in American Falls, Idaho has camping facilities without electricity. There are available showers, drinking water, restrooms and a dumping station. This area provides an area for launching boats.

Bear Lake located near Fish Haven, Idaho has campsites, fishing, picnic and boat launching facilities. This area has excellent features for fishing. The campsites do not have electricity hookups.

The Cascade Reservoir at Cascade, Idaho has camping facilities without electricity. It also provides areas for fishing, picnics and launching boats. Drinking water and restroom facilities are also available on site.

Coeur d' Alene Lake in Northern Idaho has camping, fishing, picnic and boat launching facilities. The area also provides drinking water stations and restrooms.

The Dicorshak Reservoir by Orifino, Idaho provides facilities for excellent fishing and boating. Small crafts are recommended in this area.The Dworshak Dam and Reservoir provides facilities for swimming, camping without electricity, picnics and boat launching. It also offers drinking water, restrooms and dumping stations. There is a steel-head trout hatchery nearby.

Grays Lake Outlet offers opportunities for fishing, picnics and boating. This area provides restrooms and drink water.

Jet Skiing on Lucky PeakLucky Peak Lake just a hop skip and a jump up the road from home in Boise. With a scenic mountain location that offers facilities for picnics and boat launching it a perfect get away. It has restrooms and drinking water.

Payette Lake can be found out the back door of most McCall properties. It provides, swimming, camping , picnicking and boat launching. You can find simple shower stations, restrooms, drink water and dumping stations.

Priest Lake offers opportunities for camping without electricity, fishing, picnics and boat launching. It provides restrooms and drinking water.

Lake Pend Oreille also in Northern Idaho has facilities for fishing, swimming, camping without electricity, picnic and boat launching. It provides restrooms, showers, drinking water and a dumping station.

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Kevin Hughes

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