Idaho during the colder months

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The expeditionary nature of choosing a journey that allows for maximum daily spontaneity is the start of great beginnings. The cornerstone for genuine adventure while enjoying the exhilaration of wildlife encounters, nature at its finest, with options at every turn, is one way to define the state’s greatness. Every day will boast opportunities to expand knowledge about the condition, its communities, diversity of wildlife, ecosystems, interpretive sights, and gather a greater appreciation for the history and culture of the community. You name it, and the experience awaits, with exclusive opportunities to check out alpine valleys, remote destinations, hidden discoveries, and perhaps take a tour by plane to enjoy the territory from the clear blue sky. Because of the vast commitment to outstanding quality to maintain and preserve the wellness and the brilliance within each habitat, the experience becomes something to be proud of!

Traveling throughout the state will provide ample opportunities to photograph the area's wildlife and state parks. Capture the wondrous opportunity to immerse within the surrounding wilderness in the comfort of local lodging while enjoying an area tour. Discover waterfalls plummeting from the mountainside, trails that weave throughout miles of dense forest terrain, and river waters that top the list of preferred whitewater opportunities. A large portion of the state offers exploration west of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons - with wildlife in their natural habitat, unimaginable remote destinations, and scenic views that far surpass expectations abundantly.

An exclusive opportunity presents itself in the form of outdoor activities at the river - including fishing, boating, and enjoying the surrounding scenery - while exploring some of the state's most desired locations like Henry’s Fork up close! An immersion in authentic desert wildlife will have visitors reeling for more with vast expanses of sheer-walled peaks, high windblown rock formations, wildlife preserves, dazzling wildflowers, marshes, exploration to uncover some of the state's greatest mysteries, deep gorges engulfed by hoodoos, and soaring mountains.


Idaho has topped the charts once again for the best places to live while experiencing increased relocation rates. Currently, the state's economy brags unemployment rates lower than the national average, with 23%+ percent of the population bringing home an income of between 50k-100k annually and expanding the high-tech sector and a vibrant community. Idaho’s state tax remains below the national average, and with consistent, continuous growth, the state brags titles topping the charts.

With increasing relocation rates and a roaring economy, the following accomplishments are simply the beginning to the greatest that may be found. A Top-10 Most Tax-Friendly State, Most Friendly State for Small Business, 2nd Lowest Property Tax in the County by the Tax Foundation, 3rd Highest Projected Job Growth Rate by Bureau of Labor, Best-Run City in the Nation with Nampa and Boise secured the No. 1 and 2 spots and the 6th Best State Economy. The best time to consider a visit or a move to Idaho, the time is now.


One of the greatest compliments for many Idahoans comes from visitors and tourists who have traveled far to experience all that Idaho offers. This experience for many visitors often includes chatting with some of the nicest people around, the locals. More often than not, folks are open to striking up a genuinely good-hearted conversation about where visitors are interested in exploring and where to go for the ideal adventure. Traveling across the state makes for an excellent opportunity to strike up conversations with residents from various regions across the state. Finding out the neat fun facts about the state has the potential to become a collector's paradise as there is plenty to share and much to enjoy.

Discovering a community that makes visitors feel more like home when on vacation might spark interest and curiosity. Traveling across the state and visiting some of the smaller cities, and selecting metropolitan cities provides an equally delightful experience, each in their own way. Some of the larger cities such as Boise, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, or Coeur, D Alene boast a more extensive city selection with droves of activity opportunities. While some people may prefer heading out to a more remote mountain destination, the possibilities are limitless. Either way, a local would likely gladly chat about why they love their hometown and what makes the area uniquely fascinating to them.


Where is the best place to make memories? It doesn’t matter the preference; there is undoubtedly something for everyone to enjoy in Idaho. When it comes to scenic destinations and area attractions, find abounding options offered throughout the state.

Idaho is loaded with fascinating destinations that would take a lifetime to experience and would likely come as a surprise for many. The type of destination creates an environment with that feeling of being millions of miles away. This is mainly because the state hasn’t been as popular as other states, though, in recent years, Idaho has gained interest and popularity.

Idaho boasts a multitude of attractions from roller coaster theme parks, indoor and outdoor water parks, ice skating rinks, zoos, museums, expansive event centers, numerous trails ideal for exploration and outdoor enjoyment, golf courses, sports venues, concert houses, ski resorts, hot springs, you name it. Fun for all might as well be the state motto, with countless year-round activity opportunities scattered throughout most of the state. Discovering awe-inspiring scenic views, plentiful nature, exploration and adventure trails, or possibly a weekend filled with utter relaxation.

Room to Roam

When folks share their knowledge of the state, it’s most often limited what occurrences have been transmitted or general facts. Did you know Idaho’s expansive territory covers around 83.569 sq mi (216,443 km2) of wide-open spaces with various ecosystems? Idaho is well known for the four significant ecosystems it beholds. It doesn't require much to find destinations prime for adventure and outdoor enjoyment, from forests and wetlands to deserts and grasslands. To maintain such a beautiful state, Idaho maintains its public lands that account for approximately 62 percent of the state’s landmass, with nearly half that acreage accessible to the public.

Dare to explore the desert landscapes, take off to the towering forest mountain terrain, or head out for an evening on the town at one of Idaho’s delightful city destinations. There’s never been a perfect time to get acquainted with all that Idaho has to offer.


The beautiful state of Idaho provides a good balance with four distinct seasons. Too hot, cold, wet, dry, and everything in between is typically balanced by certain qualities that may or may not be preferred. Fortunately, choosing to live in a state with four seasons creates a year-round experience with various weather patterns. The different seasonal changes are additional perks of living in a state with four seasons. Destinations' prime examples of transitional weather patterns are waterfalls, snowy mountains, and delightfully daring rapids along the river. Though, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to mention that soaking in the hot springs while it’s snowing is a prime recipe for a relaxing and memorable experience. Idaho certainly has its fair share of scenic destinations ready for all to enjoy. Now it’s time to figure out where to go first and get out there and have some fun!

Typically weather, for the most part, proves to be mild in Idaho. That’s not to say that the state doesn't have exceptional snow seasons or that weather patterns that blow through don’t pack a few surprises now and again. The entire state is well known for quite the opposite, especially regarding odd weather patterns. With this fact in mind, it's not uncommon for residents to prepare for the unexpected and always keep a coat around just in case temperatures drop or rain presents itself. The best experience is when the random weather becomes a delightful surprise and beautiful addition to the day.

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