Updates on the new Ten Mile Interchange

Posted by Kevin Hughes on Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 at 12:09pm.

Meridian HomeSave this bit to read until you need some good news.  Why?  Because it’s going to be hard to find something here to frown about.  Some are just tired of hearing about it, or much worse, coping with it.  Others are so excited they can’t sit still.  But we’re all ecstatic to hear that the long-awaited and much-touted Ten Mile Interchange is now:  “open to traffic!

Yep.  Believe it or not, it’s true.  You are not dreaming.  What could in short order become the heart of Treasure Valley has begun to beat. 
Ten Mile Road crosses the valley’s only major, controlled access, east-west connector, Interstate 84, at almost exactly the halfway point between Boise and Nampa, and their airports, at the western edge of Meridian, Idaho.  On this stage, the new Ten Mile Interchange crossroads is poised to become the center of the region’s future development for years to come.  And while there’s plenty of room to grow right now, it won’t last long.  If you’ve been thinking of Ada County real estate or property in Canyon County– for whatever purpose – you should check into the area, and do it today.  Besides all the technical jargon about the new-fangled design – an “SPUI,” or “Single Point Urban Interchange,” which by itself sounds worthy of a drive just to see – rarely does the opening of a new highway interchange create so much excitement for the future of an area. Not only is this going to become a center of activity, but the new interchange can decrease travel time!

Idaho RestaurantBut neighborhood planners have not been lazy on this one, nor have they been caught off guard.  More than just a rural area becoming urbanized, the Ten Mile Interchange crossroads is slated to become a planned community, with zones already mapped out for business, industrial, retail, and high and low density residential purposes.  There are also plans for a “lifestyle center,” including upscale shopping, dining, and more. What a better place to find your Idaho real estate today?

Those business owners who saw what was coming and moved to the western side of Meridian early, and have stuck it out through the last few miserable years of construction, should now be rewarded by new-found easy access to their businesses, a reputation as a charter member of the growing community, and a plethora of potential new customers.  Workers in both Boise and Nampa, who have for years commuted from one to the other, and never considered Meridian as a possible spot to live because of limited access, services, and activities, will now be lining up for their spot to make a new home.

 So go for a short drive from where ever you are and take a look at the new Ten Mile Interchange.  If you’ve traveled through the Vista interchange in Boise, then you should be familiar with the flow.  If not, you might want to check the Idaho Transportation Department website for driving tips first.  Or, just go have fun and explore the area, because a year from now, you won’t recognize it!

Kevin Hughes

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