Up, Up, and Away! Rock Climbing in Idaho

Birds Mountain in IdahoIdaho is a rock climber’s paradise. Smack dab in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, Idaho is home to over 80 mountain ranges with 50 peaks that reach over 10,000 feet into the air. In addition to the great outdoors, rock climbing is made accessible to beginners through indoor facilities that help them get used to the physical demands of the sport.

Indoor Climbing
There are several in-door gyms and rock walls available for climbing. Whether you are visiting the area or looking for a long term home, you may be interested in one of these locations:
-   Urban Ascent – Located in the heart of Boise, this gym provides classes for beginners and sponsors corporate events. They offer memberships and fair rates for the enthusiast as well as day passes for those who are just looking. 
-   The Boise Front – On the other side of town is The Boise Front climbing gym. In addition to the standard climbing services, non-members can get a pass and shoes for just $10. 
-   Local YMCAs – Various YMCA locations offer classes for all ages. 

Thompson Peak in Idaho

Outdoor Climbing
-   Lucky Peak – Literally just off Highway 21 is a piece of Idaho real estate that is a favorite for local rock climbers. It’s close to town, and it offers a variety of challenges for seasoned climbers. Some areas are closed in the late winter and early spring to protect nesting wildlife. This area is beautiful to spend time in. With Lucky Peak Reservoir nearby, rock climbing is not the only activity available. 
-   Table Rock – This climbing area is visible from just about anywhere in Boise. While most of table rock is covered in easy-to-follow trails, there are some more technical climbs to be had across the plateau. This rock is a favorite of mine to climb as the view is beautiful from the top. 
-   Swan Falls– Those willing to travel a bit toward the Meridian and Nampa areas will find lots of climbing challenges in Snake River Canyon (located about 40 minutes from Boise). Definitely not for the novice, climbing here can be dangerous and proper precautions should be taken.

The rocks in Idaho are a beautiful challenge. There are trails and challenges for all levels of expertise. Take some friends to climb a rock, and you can find what you are looking for here in Idaho. For More Information: Visit Idaho

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